Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Old shows, new season

The new primetime season is starting, bringing back some of my favorite shows and, I hope, great new ones. Sadly I doubt there will ever be another Seinfeld or Sex and the City, but there are still a few shows I never miss.

Will and Grace. Eight is not enough! I am distraught that this show will be going off the air at the end of this season. I’ll miss you Karen, will keep trying my best to be just like you when I grow up LOL. Season starts Thursday, Sept 29 on NBC, with a live episode. Not to be missed. Thurs 8:30 pm (NBC)

The Apprentice. New season started last Thursday. It seems at least half of the participants have working brain cells (unlike most from last season which were in serious need of gray matter booster vitamins). There are of course notable exceptions, like neurotic, smart as a skin fungus, Melissa. She is under the delusion that she can’t work well with women because she’s too beautiful and they envy her. HUH? Completely mystified by this. Melissa, honey, it might be good for you to stop consuming crack on a regular basis as it seems to be distorting reality for you. Thurs 9:00 pm (NBC)

Amazing Race. My favorite show at the moment. It’s exciting, heart stopping, adrenaline pumping, fun, and always interesting to watch.

Was checking site and noticed some of the families have small children. Kind of confused by this. I hope this doesn’t mean the challenges or the pace will be PG now? Tues 9:00 pm (CBS)

Gilmore Girls. I used to love this show, still like it, but some things are really starting to annoy me. Rory is 21, and NOW she’s acting like a manic “I hate my mother, want to get my nipples pierced” teenager. Also, Lorelei, sweetie, uhhh, make up your fucking mind! Either get married or don’t. But stop proposing and/or declaring your undying love to half the male cast just to shag them and then dump them for some mind-numbing absurd reason. (Umm, doesn’t really sound as bad now that I analyze it. At least not the shagging part LOL.) Tues 8:00 pm (WB)

Other shows I try to catch:
Cold Case


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Blogger Tart said...

I'm with you on Will & Grace and The Amazing Race. Two really good shows I try not to miss. I cannot stand the Gilmore Girls, it irritates the crap out of me. The new series of Lost hasn't started here yet, so I'm eagerly anticipating that one. Others shows I'm really enjoy: Veronica Mars, Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Cold Case, Without a Trace and of course, my beloved British shows, Coronation Street and Eastenders.

9/27/2005 09:38:00 PM  

Blogger Vicious Trollop said...

Love this season of The Apprentice :D much better than the last two.

A little disappointed on first episode of Amazing Race, all that family bickering was giving me a headache, and someone tell me what those children are doing there????

I've yet to see Lost, but want to see first season before starting second. Problem is don't want to miss anymore episodes, so will probably start watching this week and catch up later.

10/02/2005 10:44:00 PM