Saturday, October 29, 2005

A breath of dread and disgust: Outlander series

After dinner with BF last night, I dragged him to the bookstore for a quick scan** of the new releases that have finally made their way in my little country. While BF was trying really hard not to laugh at some of the cheesy-looking Harlequin covers, I realized Diana Gabaldon has a new book out: A Breath of Snow and Ashes (okay, that’s the title not me talking). My first thought was, “Ohhh, Trollop will love this.”*** But after reading the blurb, I gasped in horror! *shock* Are they fucking kidding me?! Is this really the sixth book in the series?!? At this point I’m groping the book and gawking at it with an unbecoming fish-like expression.

Unlike many lovers of romance novels, I don’t, for the life of me, understand why Outlander is held so highly in the genre. (Ms. Gabaldon would probably have a fit about her... er, masterpiece, being labeled a “romance” yet again, but duh. I. Am. NOT a fan.)

A couple of months ago a friend bartered with me and told me that if I read Outlander, she’d read Paullina SimonsThe Bronze Horseman. Well, I so wanted her to read TBH (probably my favorite book) that I conceded. After a few chapters, it pains and shames me to say that *sniff* I actually doubted if Tatiana and Alexander (oh, dearly, dearly beloved characters of TBH) were worth it—few things are, I must say. That’s how much I detested that Jamie Fraser, one of the vilest heroes I’ve ever encountered, and his time-traveling lady, Claire the Clueless Adulteress!

I hated that fucking book, it’s gad awful and gross! It was so disgusting I still cringe every time I remember parts of it I had to endure, hoping against hope that somehow, by the divine grace of justice, Fraser would end up horribly murdered, his body mutilated, and Claire, losing her mind, would eat parts of him. Uncooked, of course.

PS. My friend ended up loving TBH. Hurrah!
PPS. I’ll leave Trollop to talk about Outlander. It’s one of her guilty pleasures. *g*

**Yes, just scanning, for a list to take to the UBS. I rarely get a new book straight off its over-priced perch. They are ridiculously expensive and I refuse to throw away good money on something I might end up thinking, “How the hell did this crap get published?”
***Trollop’s favorite book is Outlander. Don’t let her fool you. LOL

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3 comment(s):

Anonymous Shosh said...

Ha ha ha! So did you finished the book? Come on!

11/07/2005 04:45:00 AM  

Blogger Vicious Trollop said...

For those three people in the world I haven't told: I hate Outlander, and Dragon fly in amber is, if possible, even worse.

11/07/2005 11:02:00 PM  

Anonymous Tart said...

Well, I read the first four, then laboured through the fifth - The Fiery Cross, and decided. NO MORE! Ugh. That woman needs a frigging editor! I have no desier to read this tome, I'd rather have a bikini wax done by a ham fisted romanian shotputter, thankyouverymuch.

11/08/2005 12:21:00 AM