Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Bitchin' News (12/14)

  • The cowboys-in-love drama Brokeback Mountain received a leading seven Golden Globes nominations, yet the critical favorite has an uphill trail for the Academy Awards, where a gay-themed film has never won top honors.
  • Step into the magical world of Narnia. Scary bombing raid, kids and mother barely make it to shelter; climactic battle in Narnia shows characters pierced, thwacked with arrows, spears—less bloody than Lord of the Rings (all PG-13s) battles, but similar. -This sounds like a CNN news report.
  • Supermodel Jenny Shimizu says she is still Angelina Jolie’s lesbian lover. “She is beautiful. Her mouth is amazing. I’ve never kissed anyone with a bigger mouth than Angelina. It’s like two water beds—it’s like this big kind of warm, mushy, beautiful thing.” -Two water beds?
  • An imperial presidency, Bush’s travel schedule seems to involve as little contact as possible with the country he is in. -I don’t see this as anything but good news. This guy is so fucking dumb, it might be contagious. So good thinking, George, we don’t want any more people contracting your stupidity!
  • It’s another Da Vinci Code season. Labyrinth, by Kate Mosse, features a rival sect to the Catholic church and a search for the Holy Grail. In The Templar Legacy, a thriller by Steve Berry, a former government agent attempts to unravel a mystery about an order of knights whose power rivaled the Pope’s. Matilde Asensi’s The Last Cato features the head of the Vatican’s secret archive and his efforts to solve a murder with clues dating back to biblical times.
  • King Kong remake magnificent. Jackson never loses sight of the story’s primal emotional pull, even amid the blizzard of digitally created skyscrapers, jungles and creepy creatures. That’s why King Kong far surpasses recent high-tech spectacles such as the latest StarWars and Harry Potter movies, which are so busy showing off their special effects that they forget to tell a coherent or involving story.
  • Get a read on three new films. Three of the most talked-about movies of the holiday season are based on best-selling books (Memoirs of a Geisha; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; Brokeback Mountain). But are the movies faithful to the authors’ work?


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