Saturday, December 10, 2005

From fave heroes, to alpha males, to deserted islands

While I was being a good bitch, trying to finish a blog post, Trollop (who was supposed to be blogging too but wasn’t doing anything!) kept bothering me. This is our real conversation:

From fave heroes...

Trollop: My fave hero list is long.
Harlot: Yes, mine too, but haven’t finish it yet. I think Tart is already finished with hers. Babe, can I have five heroes? Or just three? It’s really hard to cut them down even just to five.
Trollop: Well, mine are Cal, Matt, Calder, Bobby Tom, Luke.* But Bawdy has BT and we don’t want to be repetitive. Maybe we should just post our fave ever? Who is your fave?
Harlot: I want Matt too! Plus, he needs me. Hmm, I really can’t choose. I want them all...
Trollop: Three then; mine will be Cal, Calder and Matt. Will reread Bet Me this weekend. Cal, *sigh* he’s so perfect.
Harlot: Mine are Matt, Alexander, Royce.** But, that would be two McNaught’s. I want to add dirty Calder but I’ve yet to read the whole series.

To alpha males...

Trollop: Royce? I have to read A Kingdom of Dreams again.
Harlot: Yes, he’s amazing.
Trollop: All I can remember is a brute with scars, two sisters and a dead horse.
Harlot: He’s not a brute! Don’t you remember what he did for Jennifer? OMG, he was to DIE for.
Trollop: We must have read different books. Didn’t he practically rape her?
Harlot: NO, he didn’t! That’s Clayton.
Trollop: She was his mistress or something, right? He blackmailed her: the sister could go if she slept with him—or something like that?
Harlot: Strategy. But he never forced her. Never. Unlike Clay.
Trollop: Still, that’s not my idea of playing nice. Blackmailing someone to bed like that. I think I’m too much of an independent woman to take that sort of crap.
Harlot: Jennifer wanted to stay; she was a tramp (go Jen!). Her sister was already away and safe. She was the one in charge and had the option to choose whether to sleep with him or not. She stayed.

To deserted islands..?

Trollop: LOL I bet you would love to be secluded in an island and forced to fall in love with an alpha male. Mmm, actually so would I.
Harlot: To be forced? Of course not. That’s like the old Chinese way and I’ve always hated that. I just like my men similar to Matt, Royce and Shura. If they’re the so-called “alpha males,” so be it. LOL I’d gladly jump off a plane to be alone in an island with them.
Trollop: Not forced! Unless you’re into S&M.
Harlot: Ack! Thank you, no S&M for me. Hard and fast?—yes, please! But if you try to whack me or whip me, then get off, I’m outta there.
Trollop: A deserted island with an alpha male? You have to agree it’s quite romantic. Though must admit, would probably end up shooting the guy. Anyone I’m forced to see 24/7 will eventually have it coming.
Harlot: Yes, why not. If he has Nutella and he’s yummy —oh, if he can fish!—and cook!—since I’ll die otherwise. I can’t eat grass...
Trollop: Yes, you will have quite a hard time cooking.*** LOL
Harlot: Unless there’s a magical microwave there, I’d die of starvation. Sand doesn’t taste nice.
Trollop: No, it doesn’t.

*Cal Morrisey- Bet Me, Matt Farrell- Paradise, Calder Hart- “Deadly” series, Bobby Tom Denton- Heaven, Texas, Luke Costello- Rachel’s Holiday.
**Matt Farell- Paradise, Alexander Belov- The Bronze Horseman, Royce Westmoreland- A Kingdom of Dreams.
***Yes, for the life of me, I cannot cook. Shut up! *sniff* I’m an expert with pushing microwave buttons though, thank you very much.

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3 comment(s):

Blogger Serendipity said...

S&M...isn't that like getting off after your little toe has been whacked by a hammer?

12/10/2005 07:59:00 PM  

Blogger Vicious Trollop said...

Serendipity: I spit my breakfast all over the screen when I read that! lol. I hear trollop has her little toe in a cast :P

12/11/2005 10:48:00 AM  

Blogger Vicious Trollop said...

That was HARLOT, lol, I hear HARLOT has her little toe in pieces :S I swear it isn't me!!! lol

12/11/2005 10:56:00 AM