Thursday, December 8, 2005

Bitchin' News (12/08)

  • A 44-year-old U.S. citizen who claimed to have a bomb was killed by air marshals Wednesday at Miami International Airport. When he appeared to reach into his backpack he was shot. No bomb was found. -Where are these perceptive marshals when THERE ACTUALLY IS a real bomb?
  • A suicide attacker has exploded a bomb on a bus in Baghdad, killing at least 30 people. -What is wrong with these fucktards? Couldn’t they just do a classy hara-kiri? Or for a bloodier way out, maybe perform an Anna Karenina and jump in a path of a train or simply put a gun in their mouths and explode their worthless brains out?
  • The Pentagon has tentative plans to halt the scheduled deployment of two brigades to Iraq and instead send in smaller teams to support and train Iraqi forces in what could be an early step toward an eventual drawdown of U.S. forces. -Wow, George, what a fucking wonderful Christmas gift.
  • John Lennon’s strange sort of immortality, now 25 years long. He remains in the culture’s magnified crosshairs. And still we can’t quite get a fix on him. -Rest in peace, John.
  • Grammy domination? Mariah could Carey it off. Today, music fans get to grouse, yawn and, occasionally, cheer when it’s announced who bagged the most nominations for this year’s Grammy Awards.
  • Cash, Kong and Capote may join Oscar list. The theme for Academy Awards night is a costume ball, but the following costumes are already spoken for: geisha, giant ape, country crooner, 18th century British belle, transsexual and gay cowboy. -Ohhh, the only ones missing are a two-headed pimp and Britney Spears with unwashed make-up from the night before wearing a “fuck y’all!” skimpy top LOL.


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