Monday, December 5, 2005


While getting together the information for this post, it suddenly dawned on me how ridiculously unbelievable are some of the deadbeat imbeciles that authors dare to saddle upon us as desirable spouses and soul mates. Here are just a few examples:


Clayton Westmoreland
Whitney, My Love by Judith McNaught

Clay, oh, Clay... I forgave you when you almost flogged Whitney, when you spend half the book shoving her around forcefully (note to men: NOT romantic at all!), always in a rage, especially when Whitney started acting like an immature brat, but she was only 18 after all (how old were you again, 34?). But you more than crossed the line when you dragged her from a ball, hauled her into your manor and raped her, because “it was your right” to do so. Shame on you, you pig! And let’s not forget your unfounded suspicions of your wife carrying another man’s child with a proof as flimsy as a stupid, meaningless note. Shame on you, you fucker! After all the manhandling, abusive words and ill-treatment Whitney got from you, a more appropriate title for this book would have been, “Whitney, My Enemy.”

Jared Lockett
Hidden Fires by Sandra Brown

Why do some women fall in love with men who never do anything but abuse them verbally and physically? Well, yeah, I get that this guy has a large cock, and at the time, poor Miss Lauren probably didn’t know where to get a BOB (batery operated boyfriend) but come on, woman! When a man slaps you in the face and does nothing but cause you pain, RUN! Run away as far and as fast from him as your skinny legs will carry you!!!

Rome Matthews
Sarah’s Child by Linda Howard

Oh, hands down, the most imbecilic of all jerks. This guy makes Clay and Jared both look like a saint. At least Clay uses the “jealousy card” as an excuse and Jared “the conflicted son and torturer, er, husband,” but this Rome prick is a total scumbag for no reason whatsoever. Gah!

Bawdy Babe

Rome Matthews
Sarah’s Child by Linda Howard

Roman lacked backbone because he wanted the pussy, but didn’t want to deal with the guilt associated with it. Heroine was his deceased best friend’s wife. Well, mister, deal with it, get over it, or let her go to someone who will love her the way she deserves to be loved, because she sure as shit deserves more from the prick who got her pregnant but refuses to assume responsibility. And let’s get a marathon going for a spine donor for Sarah; she is in dire need of one.


Alec Castlemaine
Bewitching by Jill Barnett

I must first mention that I never really liked this book (stop throwing stones at me! I know I’m in the minority—jeez, can’t a bitch have an opinion?), and I think a big part of my dislike is because of Alec, the emotionally repressed, temper-tantrum-throwing hero. I was very disturbed by his bizarre mood swings and constant verbal abuse towards Joy. In one scene, after this bile fuckwit says the meanest, nastiest things to her, she then forgives him because he takes her on a sleigh ride, and all is honky-dory! Give me a fucking break!!!

Jamie Fraser
Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Jamie Fraser is THE most repulsive hero I’ve ever had the misfortune to come across. At the beginning of the book, he seemed rather sweet and a little endearing, but things rapidly changed. I was horrified at Jamie’s vicious beating of his wife, and even more appalled at his admission that beating the crap out of her turned him on. Also, as a very beloved reader of our blog wrote in an email: “Don’t forget to mention Jamie’s ‘chaste’ infidelity when he was imprisoned and abused over and over and over again by a MAN. Any thought of Jaime as a man at that point went right out the window.”

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh VT, I must defend Jaime. The whole series is not about beating Claire. And take note, this is a time period where women are nothing more than snot most of the time. So Jaime beating Claire for disobedient that has dire consequences (mainly the slaughtering of Jaime's clan) is pretty minor. I still do not like it, but it's really historical fact. I guess DG mistake is being "too authectic" to the time period. Same with Whitney My Ass...ops, My Love.

Although the raping part, well, any time perioud, there's no excuse.

12/05/2005 01:07:00 AM  

Anonymous Tart said...

Oh dear. Two of those hero's I quite like LOL.

Maybe I'm more forgiving of arsehole behaviour? :D

12/05/2005 06:26:00 PM