Thursday, December 15, 2005

Book Quiz

This quiz has probably been circulating for a while now (and by “a while,” I mean a gazillion years) but honestly, who cares? It’s still fun to do, even if half the books/characters we’ve never even heard of LOL. We can’t reach Bawdy as she’s still blissfully enjoying the jungle. Tart, on the other hand, is either partying as Madonna, or meeting a giant ape (sssh, we heard some kinky stuff occurred!). So, this is Trollop and me:

Trollop: You’re Catch-22!
by Joseph Heller

Incredibly witty and funny, you have a taste for irony in all that you see. It seems that life has put you in perpetually untenable situations, and your sense of humor is all that gets you through them. These experiences have also made you an ardent pacifist, though you present your message with tongue sewn into cheek. You could coin a phrase that replaces the word “paradox” for millions of people.

Harlot: You’re Anne of Green Gables!
by L.M. Montgomery

Bright, chipper, vivid, but with the emotional fortitude of cottage cheese, you make quite an impression on everyone you meet. You’re impulsive, rash, honest, and probably don’t have a great relationship with your parents. People hurt your feelings constantly, but your brazen honestly doesn’t exactly treat others with kid gloves. Ultimately, though, you win the hearts and minds of everyone that matters. You spell your name with an E and you want everyone to know about it.

Trollop’s reaction: “What the hell is Catch-22??!!” I said, “You’re only jealous because I’m Anne.” She is, you know LOL. Take the Book Quiz yourself, come back and let us know who you are! *g*


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Blogger Marlene D. Malone said...

I'm Roots by Alex Haley. Not sure if that's good or not :o)

12/16/2005 02:14:00 PM  

Blogger Vicious Trollop said...

Marlene, who are those? lol Have no idea who half these characters/books are! Am I the only one?

12/16/2005 02:51:00 PM  

Blogger Marlene D. Malone said...

Well Roots was made into a mini-series back in the 1970's, Anne of Green Gables is a PBS mini-series from the 1980's, and if I remember correctly Joseph Heller wrote Catch-22 in the 1940's.

My mom was an English Literature professor. Reading was mandated in our house :o)

12/17/2005 10:54:00 PM  

Blogger Vicious Trollop said...

Anne of GG I love love love. Gilbert Blythe, was my first book crush! lol The others had no idea! Tks for letting us know!

Who did you get?

12/18/2005 08:39:00 AM  

Blogger Marlene D. Malone said...

I ended up being Roots by Alex Haley.

12/18/2005 03:21:00 PM