Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bitchin' News (12/15)

  • Bush says Iraq war right, facts wrong. U.S. President George W Bush has taken the blame for going to war in Iraq admitting the intelligence was wrong, but he said he had been right to topple Saddam Hussein. -George, what a nice gesture! And here we were waiting for the real culprit to show his face. BTW, who exactly did you think the world blamed?
  • Viggo Mortensen blasts President Bush. “I’m not anti-Bush; I’m anti-Bush behavior,” Mortensen told Progressive magazine. “In other words, I’m against cheating, greed, cruelty, racism, imperialism, religious fundamentalism, treason, and the seemingly limitless capacity for hypocrisy shown by Bush and his administration.”
  • Can computers predict which movies will flop? A scientist in the U.S. says he has come up with a computer program that helps predict whether a film will be a hit or a miss at the box office long before it is even made.
  • Pryor expressed outrage at dog death. Just a week before his death, Richard Pryor and his wife sent a letter to an Indiana county sheriff expressing outrage about an animal cruelty case. -A week ago, no one would’ve given a damn what Prior thought of abused dogs, now because he died it’s front page news?
  • It’s springtime for The Producers on screen. Mel Brooks’ new musical version of original film: wacky, giddy, entertaining. -Dying to see this film, HUGE Broderick and Lane fan!


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