Thursday, February 9, 2006

What should I read next?

What should I read next? is a website where you can enter the name of an author or the title of a book you like and the site will analyse their database of real readers’ favourite books (over 18,000) to suggest what you could read next.

They claim that it’s a bit like browsing the bookshelves of a (very) well-read friend! Apparently, to get more accurate suggestions, users must add more books they’ve loved to their lists. I’m guessing more similar books? Because if it’s just any random book you like, I don’t see this site having much of a future LOL.

You do not have to register to search for books, but if you want to give suggestions then you have to submit your email addy. This will help to build their database and improve everyone’s suggestions (I’m hoping they improve the suggestions MUCH more).

I typed in “Susan Elizabeth Phillips: Heaven, Texas” and this is what I got:

I Got You, Babe - Jane Graves
Your Cheatin’ Heart - Nancy Bartholomew
Permed to Death - Nancy J. Cohen
Bubbles Unbound - Sarah Strohmeyer
The Brush Off - Laura Bradley
Knock Me Off My Feet - Susan Donovan

I then decided to try with my favorite romance ever, Paradise, by the wonderfully talented Judith McNaught, and these were my results:

Once A Princess - Johanna Lindsey
Small Town Girl - Lavyrle Spencer
Heartbreaker - Linda Howard
Baring It All - Sandra Chastain
Toujours Provence - Peter Mayle, Judith Clancy
Night Sins - Tami Hoag

I’ve never read any of these books, but will give some of them a try. Also, I keep hearing about Jane Graves. Has anyone read her? Always looking for good books/authors suggestions.

*Note: I’m still working on the foreign book covers LOL. It’s been harder than I thought! But it should be up by Saturday. :D

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Blogger Malicious Strumpet said...

Interesting. Trollop - Toujours Provence while an excellent book, is nothing to do with romance. It's a travel book about live in the south of France. Just so you don't rush out to pick it up and then get frustrated by the lack of sex :P (or any strong love story at all) in the book.

I would assume, from the fact that your search returned Toujours Provence that readers are entering any book they've read, not similar reads. (At lease, I cannot see any similarity between Paradise and TP.

Over all, a great idea though. Could broaden a person's reading tastes and introduce them to all sorts of new adventures between the covers (tee hee).

2/09/2006 04:53:00 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You bitches come up with great stuff here. I'm not sucking up, I just like it

After seeing the results you got trollop, I'm very skeptical of the site. None of my favs came up, let alone any I've heard of. Might give it a try in a few months just for fun.
Very nice pun Strumpet!


2/09/2006 05:48:00 PM  

Blogger Holly said...

I had a very hard time getting into Knock Me Off My Feet by Susan Donovan, but Take A Chance On Me is very similar to Heavan, Texas.

I loved Heartbreaker by Linda Howard, too, but I have no idea how it compares to Paradise. I really can't think how at all. Well, maybe a tiny, wee bit, but that's it. Still, I'd recommend it.

2/09/2006 06:13:00 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Btw, I was refering to the results under SEPs entry, not McNaught.

Holly, thanks for the rec of TAKE A CHANCE ON ME. I'll try it from my booktrader.(Now that's how i like to find diff authors!lol)


2/09/2006 06:45:00 PM  

Anonymous Serendipity said...

I've read Jane Graves, she's like this romantic comedy with some mystery or whatever that ingredient is when they include a whodunit.

I've enjoyed all the books I've read of hers...she has one with a whole sibblings series. Forgot the names. but it was fun read...creative sex in some of them too.

2/09/2006 10:41:00 PM  

Blogger Vicious Trollop said...


Bawdy mentioned that cop series by JG. Will try to get some of her books. Though really not into those mystery romance books. It's just weird to "get it on" with a corpse in the next room or something like that. lol

2/09/2006 11:07:00 PM  

Blogger Holly said...

Tami, You're welcome. I about died laughing while reading that book. It was awesome.

As for JG's cop series..I didn't really care for them. They weren't very well written, IMO. But I do love her historicals.

2/09/2006 11:29:00 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Jane Graves and she's really nice if you e-mail her. Her series starts with I've Got You, Babe and starts a series about the DeMarco siblings. The first is kind of like the Stephanie Plum series with a bounty hunter. I think they get a little too action/adventure for me not too heavy on the mystery, but the sex does get increasingly steamy. The last one was different from the rest, but it was still on par with the rest of the series.

I hate the site. I put in my favorite authors and nothing came up. I want no part of a site that does not list my favorite authors and helps me not.

2/10/2006 11:44:00 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds like this site is pretty useless. I cant see any similarity with the books your search came up with.
Once a princess is not even set in the same time zone as Paradise, although a good read it is in no way similar.
JG is a brilliant writer as is JM (But I agree with the murder mysteries not being the best of her books)
My fav is RANSOM (medieval highlanders :D)
A must read author is Sherrilyn Kenyon/Kinley MacGregor (since I'm new here, you probably have already written something about her)

2/10/2006 02:30:00 PM