Friday, April 7, 2006

Dear diary

“Harry Potter finds this diary with nothing written in it. When he starts writing in it, the diary erases what he just wrote. Then the diary itself writes a reply back on the same page.”

Yep. I’m talking about Tom Riddle’s Diary!

Okay, you’ll see an old-looking open book; on the right page, a cursor will appear where you can type ANYTHING—and the diary will answer.

I know what you’re thinking. You’ll just go there and type some mechanical question/statement you already know the answer to, but you’ll be surprised how entertaining it can be. At first I wrote, “Tom, Harlot is very beautiful,” which, of course, it quickly agreed upon. *g* And then I asked, “Are you sure, Tom?” It then replied, “Why, of course I never lie. I think Harlot is a lot of things.” Quite witty, I tell you LOL.

Its responses are displayed letter by letter, giving the feeling you’re actually chatting with someone—very cool! Just try not to misspell words. When you stop typing, your text will slowly fade away, just like in the movie (same thing with its reply).

By the way, for a better outcome, introduce yourself from the start. After awhile I returned and asked if it remembers me, it said, “Of course I remember you, Harlot. We were talking about finding your G-spot.”

Now, go on and try it, then come back and tell us some of the things you and Tom talked about. :D

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Blogger serially single said...

Well, I spent a good 5 minutes debating with Tom whether he was a computer or a person (he actually posed that question to me) and when I finally determined that he was, in fact, a computer, he came back with "how do you know I am not a person pretending to be a computer?" and that just blew my mind and I had nothing to say to him. He's crafty, that Tom is.

4/07/2006 10:25:00 AM  

Blogger Harlot said...

I know! It even asked me what i was wearing. I said, jsut to tease, "Just my towel on. I just got out of my bath." :P He said, "That's quite indecent. Aren't you cold?" LOL

Serial Single, welcome. :D

4/07/2006 10:51:00 AM  

Blogger Vicious Trollop said...

Harlot actually believed Tom was a real person replying! LOL LOL LOL I spend like 10 mins laughing.

I think she was more inclined to believe Tom, because poor delusional fuck that he is, he said she was both pretty and indecent; two compliments Harlot highly appreciates lol.

Tks babe, this thingy is quite cool. We should create one for ourselves "the bitches diary" ;)

4/07/2006 12:21:00 PM  

Blogger vanilla said...

LMAO, I must have pissed it off. I asked where it was...Icegreen technologies of course, then it asked me the same and I told it USA. The it said thanks for telling me your birthday I will remember it. I then asked what my birthday was, which it told my nothing hardly at all, then I said "No I didn't tell you what my birthday was." Reply was "Please don't argue." I then said I wasn't arguing that I never told it my birthday but where I lived, which was in the USA. I got no reply.

Glad you all had fun with it, but it is like the online ouija boards, a computer that generates answers to your questions...mine were apparently hard questions for it. Or you guys fried its brain already. ;)

4/07/2006 02:20:00 PM  

Anonymous Vixen said...

I asked it if he has met Harlot. he said "That's confidential".

LOL, Harlot you have quite a relationship with Tom. He might have been blusing when he said that.

I sent thet link to my friend who is a "Potterholic" but I'm afraid I will never see her again because she will sit and talk to "Tom" all day now. LOL.

Thanks for the link Harlot, that was fun.

4/07/2006 03:40:00 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

serially single..i did that too!!debated with Tom and he said the same to me..wrote is what i

4/07/2006 06:44:00 PM  

Anonymous Sasha said...

Our Tom is quite the precious thing...LOL. My first question was do you know my name? And you know what it said? "Hi there, name. What kind of food do you like? Your name is name, seeker" LOL.

I asked that question by going to the site in and out and asked the same question again. The second time he said, "I see you are one of those people who type 'hmm' with two 'm's. Your name is name, seeker."

Harlot darling, he is terribly unoriginal but he is very good at hiding it by inserting all these cutesy questions like the 'hmm' with 2 'm's thing ;) Still very cute. Let me ask some risque questions and see what he says...LOL.

Vixen I think I could be one of those who might be here less as I will have a standing date with Tom now. We'll see if he recognizes me if I talk to him at exactly the same time for exactly the same amount of time about exactly the same things...LOL. If he types, "Didn't we talk about this yesterday?", I swear I will die laughing and be convinced Tom is a guy not a comp!

Thanks, Harlot. My question to you is "How on earth did you unearth Tom?" LOL. And yes, let's do a bitch diary like that. It'd be a bomb! So Harlot, think you can talk Tom into coding one for TBB? You know, just lull him by all that wearing a towel talk...ROFL!

4/07/2006 08:18:00 PM  

Blogger Helena said...

I asked him if it was OK to turn ex-boyfriends into Frogs if they don't measure up and that totally stumped him. It/he came back with "do you know you can start up your own Robot personality" and when I asked him to show me, he just came back and said lets change the subject? A Book bitches one would be fantastic! But I fear you may never find out from Tom, how to? What a hoot of an idea!

4/07/2006 08:32:00 PM  

Blogger Gun_Wielding_Bitch said...

I said hi and my name. Tom asked what I like to do. I said go out on dates and then I asked if he put out on the first date. He said Yay, sounds like fun. I asked if he was hot and he said he looked like me. I said, So, you are one hot bitch then? and Tom said, I am one hot bitch. Too much fun!

4/07/2006 11:49:00 PM  

Blogger jaxieknight said...

This is sooooo wild. "Tom" mentioned he was into robots! It was all down hill from there. LOL

4/08/2006 09:05:00 PM  

Blogger Aggie said...

Love the new look BB's

4/09/2006 01:02:00 AM