Monday, August 7, 2006

Liz Carlyle part deux

Liz, after a book of yours got published, do you go back and read it? Were you able to enjoy it, or there were parts/scenes you wish you could have changed?

I don’t read them, but once in a while I will page through one looking for something. And yes, there are always things you wish you had changed. That’s why I don’t read them.

How about when you have a deadline, do you get started right away, or wait until the last minute? Do you have any funny/weird habits when you’re writing? *g*

I am fairly organized, and I get started right away, but don’t seem to gather much momentum until the deadline is about two months away.

I don’t think I have any funny habits, but my husband might beg to differ. Let’s just not ask him, okay?

LOL, okay. (Note to self: Ask Liz’s hubby about it when she’s not looking. :P)

Your third book on your latest series, Three Little Secrets, was just released last March. Can you tell us a bit about this series, and what are you working on now?

The “Sins, Lies & Secrets” series was a follow-on to The Devil to Pay, which was a 2005 release. The three books featured three friends who appeared in TDTP. Right now I am working on a book which is a follow-on to my upcoming December short story, which will be in Sabrina Jeffries’s School for Heiresses collection. My short story, and my following two or three novels, will be about a family of orphans who are raised in Barbados, and eventually move to England to begin new lives.

Has being an author changed the way you read other books? Do you rearrange words, phrases and sometimes go as far as changing scenes in your mind?

It has changed things, in that I no longer have time to read very much, especially fiction. I am a bit of a news-junkie, so I read the papers and news magazines, and I generally keep some sort of non-fiction on my bedside table. That is about it for me.

What bit of knowledge/advice do you have that you wish you could pass on to everyone else?

Be pleasant. As a society, our social graces are eroding, and it worries me. And authors should remember that having the good fortune to sell a book (or sell 300,000 books) does not make you special—what it should make you is humble. Because what goes up will come down. Unless you are Harper Lee.

I think everyone should watch Harvey, Jimmy Stewart’s movie about the imaginary six-foot rabbit. When his sanity (and his life’s philosophy) is questioned, Elwood Dowd, Stewart’s character, laughs and says that his mother once warned him that in this life, one had to be either “oh so smart, or oh so pleasant.” Elwood tells the psychiatrist that for years he was smart, but that he has now decided to be pleasant. It worked for Elwood. He might have been crazy, but he was happy—and he made others happy. The older I get, the smarter that sounds.

I’ve never seen that movie, but I guess it’s the same as having all the things you want in the world, yet still remain unhappy. I too would choose happiness.

Now, for the silly questions: Describe the worst thing you ever had to wear to school. *g*

My mother once made me wear a matching skirt and bolero vest which she had slaved over. It was lovely—Pendleton wool, tiny brass buttons, just gorgeous—but I was a small, painfully thin child with a bad case of sway-back, so the bolero vest stuck out in the back. I was absolutely horrified that didn’t look like the other girls. I think it scarred me. Maybe I’ll take my Mom on Jerry Springer and confront her.

LOL, your poor mom. But, please alert us if you ever do the show. :P

The Scarecrow got a brain, Tin Man got a heart, Lion got courage, Dorothy got home; what do you think Toto got?

Huge royalties, I hope.

I heard that dog was a bit of a diva. Hmm...

What’s the difference between a G-Spot and a golf ball? *g*

A man will spend five hours playing with a golf ball.

Oh god, that is so true! LOL And to think I find golf boring. What is wrong with men?

Anyway, Liz, thank you so much for giving us some of your time. One question you would like to ask your fans?

No, I ask enough questions on my Yahoo list as it is.

Thanks very much,



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Blogger Isabella said...

Liz, I love your answer about the g-spot and the golf ball! LOL LOL

Great interview, ladies!

8/07/2006 05:36:00 PM  

Blogger Lollie Rose said...

Liz, I've been on your webiste and loved the pictures you have there. And how clever to put some information that relates the place to the characters in your books. Loved it!

Great interview!

8/07/2006 05:49:00 PM  

Blogger Jolie said...


I know what you mean about being pleasant. These days, everywhere you go, you'll witness rudeness and deliberately being mean to others just to go further ahead. Even in blogs it's rampant (not here though, that's why I love the Book Bitches :D). And most of the time, the sources are women. It's sad if you ask me.

Anyway, you are so right about men and their golf balls! Really, can those damn balls give them orgasms?!?!

8/07/2006 06:04:00 PM  

Blogger Petra said...

Excellent interview, Liz, BBs!

Lollie, you're right about those pics! Ladies, if you haven't seen it yet, you have to check it out!

Those pics make me want to go to London to see all those places. Sigh. I've never been there. :(

8/07/2006 06:12:00 PM  

Blogger Harlot said...

Ohh, i too loved the pics on Liz's site!

Petra, I know what you mean. :( I've always wanted to visit London and see all the places i've read about in historical novels. Who knows, like those lucky heroines in romance books, i too might meet a gorgeous, oh so yummy duke who will swept me off my pretty feet. *sigh* ;-P

8/07/2006 06:23:00 PM  

Blogger Harlot said...

Okay, guys, here's the link of Liz's fab photo gallery. Check it out!

8/07/2006 06:26:00 PM  

Blogger Andrew said...

Cool site. Lots of insight and you're not afraid to spice it up a little. Well done! (It doesn't hurt that I'm a book person and love author interviews, too.)

To Love, Honor and Dismay

8/07/2006 06:38:00 PM  

Blogger C Bradshaw said...

"A man will spend 5 hours playing with a golf ball."

LOL That's funny!

Liz, a small question. Didn't you used to live in London? I swear I read this somewhere.

Harlot, thanks for the link. Love the photos!

8/07/2006 06:52:00 PM  

Blogger Sherry said...

Liz and Harlot, great interview!

Harlot, I loved your 'silly' questions and am looking even more forward to reading Liz's books because of her answers. What a great sense of humor - the golf ball - lol

8/07/2006 06:55:00 PM  

Blogger Danielle De Barbarac said...


I'm the same when it comes to having a deadline. I usually don't get serious about the task until when there's only like 2 weeks left. LOL

I'm with Sherry, love the silly questions.

Love your answers, Ms. Carlyle. As usual, great job BBs!

8/07/2006 07:40:00 PM  

Blogger Vanessa said...

Ms. Carlyle, BBs, great interview! I especially love the golfball and g-spot answer. LOL

LC, I just want to say congratulations on your RITA. :)

8/07/2006 07:45:00 PM  

Blogger HOTMAMA said...

Miz Liz, The photos at your website are outstanding, the way you tied them to your stories. Now I have to go back and reread them all with a new perspective. It was time to anyway lol.

I can't wait for the anthology with S Jeffries and J London, more of my fav authors.

Harlot, lovely interview and thanks for posting Liz Carlyle's link.

*applause* Bravo!

8/07/2006 07:54:00 PM  

Blogger Mailyn said...

dang it, those are some of the prettiest covers I have ever seen!

it's the artist in me, sorry about that, ignore this post lol

8/07/2006 08:20:00 PM  

Blogger HOTMAMA said...

They are very pretty covers, Mailyn, I was thinking the exact same thing. In fact, I daresay, the prettiest I've seen!

I wonder how much input the author has on the cover, Miz Carlyle?

8/07/2006 08:27:00 PM  

Blogger Lily Moon said...

I just started reading romance books, so I have yet to read Ms. Carlyle's but I agree with Mailyn, beautiful covers.

Which book should I start with? Those one, two, three books are very attractive, I have to say.

Great interview. :)

8/07/2006 08:29:00 PM  

Blogger Liz C. said...

Thank you, ladies, for your gracious compliments. I will try to answer your questions.

No, I never lived in London, but I have had the good fortune to travel there quite frequently over the last twenty-odd years. It feels like a second home to me -- unfortunately, I can't afford to live there. I do, however, try hard to do all my research on-site, which I hope is reflected in the novels.

As to where to start reading, as some of you know, my books are all connected in some way. (Yes, all. I get attached to characters and just can't let go.) But I hope they all stand well when read alone. If you are really into "reading in order," start with MY FALSE HEART. If you want to just read one at random, try THE DEVIL TO PAY, which was a prequel to the ONE-TWO-THREE series, and is still easy to find. Some people like to read the Bentley Rutledge books in order. Just email me if you have questions about the individual books.

Covers -- where to begin? No, I have almost NO input. Nada. They don't care what authors think, and frankly, all my cover ideas were bad ones, so it's just as well. In cover choices, I defer to the Art Dept. at Pocket, and boy, I have been lucky. So it works out. I do what I do reasonably well. I let them do what they do -- very, very well.

Thank you all for your questions and your interest.

Good reading,

8/07/2006 10:18:00 PM  

Blogger C Bradshaw said...

Liz, thanks for clearing that up. LOL I think all lovers of historical novels should visit London at least once. I mean, just to see all those places that are always mentioned in the books, how cool is that? Actually, like Harlot, I also want to meet a duke (or a prince). Of course a very hot one, please. :P

8/07/2006 11:17:00 PM  

Blogger Rachel said...


Love the interview! And congrats on your Rita Award. :) Also I agree with the other ladies, you have fantastic book covers. I thought authors have some say on them, or at least have the chance to choose which ones they like best. I'm glad you keep getting the good ones.

Thanks BBs!

8/07/2006 11:34:00 PM  

Blogger Ladybug said...


You forgot one of the reasons why we should go to London: the English men's sexy accent. Sigh. That's definitely a plus. ;)

Ms. Carlyle, BBs, great interview!

8/07/2006 11:37:00 PM  

Blogger Lorelei said...

Liz, love your answers and I love the photos at your site - they certainly are a treat. Now I have to reread certain scenes!

8/08/2006 12:13:00 AM  

Blogger Jordis said...

Love the interview, Ms. Carlyle! Good job, BBs!

Harlot, thanks for the link. Now everytime the boy goes out to play golf, I'll remember why I hate that damn game. Really, imagine 5 hours of that! Unfair if you ask me!

8/08/2006 12:22:00 AM  

Blogger maximo said...

i heard dukes have bad teeth. (i should know.) think austin powers. but whatever you're into, baby, yeah!

8/08/2006 11:49:00 AM  

Blogger Harlot said...

Like i said, i want "gorgeous" and "oh so yummy". No room for bad teeth there. ;) I don't know about YOUR duke though, Max. You're the one who knows him anyway. *g*

8/08/2006 01:27:00 PM  

Blogger Jolie said...

Harlot, of course. LOL Besides, who wants men with bad teeth? ;P

8/08/2006 01:59:00 PM  

Blogger Vicious Trollop said...

Just won a Liz Carlyle lot from ebay (sorry Miz Liz, I'm poor and can't buy retail LOL).

Seven new books to look forward to.


8/10/2006 11:16:00 PM  

Blogger Serendipity said...

I know I have this book..The Devil to pay. I bought it along with Lorraine Heathe's book at Half Price Books...but the darn thing disappeared on me!

8/11/2006 12:13:00 AM