Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Sarah Brophy part deux

Sarah, can you tell us a little about “the call” when you first found out a publisher was buying Midnight Eyes. Did you treat yourself a new pair of expensive purty purrty shoes and then celebrated with someone special by eating penis-shaped pastas followed by g-spot ticklings afterwards? *g*

My ‘call’ was an e-mail from Kristin informing me that John Scognamiglio from Kensington Books was interested in publishing Midnight Eyes. I was in a public library, as I wasn’t on the internet at home yet in an attempt to avoid distraction, and I just sat there staring at it for about 10 minutes before I understood what the hell it meant. Then I started to shake. And grin like a lunatic, and then giggle. Then I had to go back to work. Not a very productive afternoon, that one!!

I honestly can’t remember what I did to celebrate, although there was no penis-shaped pasta. I was offered a vagina-shaped chocolate once from a strange lady but I just pissed myself laughing. I mean a vagina is hole, so a box of vagina-shaped chocolate would have no chocolate content what so ever, just a lot of holes!!! However I do know what I did to celebrate the arrival of my advance: I went and bought an iPod. Of course it would be more appropriate when chatting to you, Harlot, if I said I got a BOB instead, but unfortunately I wasn’t as enlightened then as you guys have now made me. Still I have enjoyed being able to take my daggy music with me where ever I go!

Multiple orgasms next time!

Oh, mulitiple orgasms, always, MUY importante. Uh-hmm. *nods* What about when you got your first copy, did you wrap the book in pashmina and sleep with it? What does it feel like to be a published novelist? It must be surreal and uber exciting! How does it feel now that you’re famous?!!

I only got them a week ago and they are sitting in a box near my computer. When I’m feeling a little defeated I just look over and go, ‘ah yes, that’s right, someone believes I can do this!’ and plod on.

It is all very surreal, but the process has been so slow that it’s not too hard to get your head round. I mean I wrote the first draft of Midnight Eyes 5 years ago and I have felt every step of the journey of getting it to this stage, let me assure you. Over night success this is not in that it: a) certainly hasn’t happened over night and b) I’m not sure yet if it’s a success!

Published Novelist? TEE HEE. That makes me sound very grown up and sure of myself. Novelist. I think I may get that tattooed on a special part of my anatomy just so that I never forget. And am I famous? Let’s do the quick reality check: a perfume named after me – no; Paparazzi on my door step – no; Stalker – no; and someone selling naked photos of me on the net – no (for which the whole world can draw a sigh of relief). So not famous yet!!!!! I’ll keep you posted as these amazing events happen!

But Trollop and I just saw a naked photo of you on the net. *confused* You were draped on a knight with just your red lacy undies on... Hmm, speaking of a knight, tell us more about Midnight Eyes and what you have in the works for the future.

Jeez, I hate trying to summarize my stories. I’m just plain awful at it. I always want to put in every little plot turn, which makes my summaries as long as the book itself! LOL.

OK here goes Midnight Eyes in 100 words or less: Medieval Historical Romance. England. Imogen has been blinded by her evil brother and confined to a cold northern castle. Robert Beaumont is a mercenary who is maneuvered into marrying her. Robert falls in love pretty quickly, but Imogen struggles to trust him. Just when she’d starting to believe that maybe, just maybe, love is possible, the evil brother reappears and things turn deadly!

I’m currently working on a sequel. When I wrote Midnight Eyes I had a couple of friends reading it chapter by chapter. One of them got really cross with the way I treated Gareth de Hugues, one of the secondary characters. She said I was mean and that she wasn’t going to speak to me again if I didn’t re-write the whole book and was nicer to him.

I was so impressed that someone (other than my mother!) had got so involved with the story that I started throwing ideas around in my head about how I could make it up to poor, old Gareth. Of course the only thing he seemed to want for was a regular shag, and as I really didn’t want to rewrite Midnight Eyes, he would only get one if I wrote a second book.

Dark Heart is about to go off to the publishers, who have already approved the synopsis, so will be coming out eventually.

I will then start on another romance I’m gestating at the moment set in the Tudor period. And if I find the time I might even try the straight historical I’ve been trying to write for two years. I wouldn’t hold your breathe for that one though, as you will probably go blue and turn into a smurf!

I like smurfs! We even had our header turned into smurf girls before LOL.

Having just gone through with being published and all that, if I’m a beginning/aspiring writer (I can’t forever blog about sex!—well, I can, actually :P) what advice would you give me? What do I need to do? Having random sex is out of the question because I’ve now decided to save myself for someone... What? I am!!! Geesh!

Saving yourself? What for, a rainy day??? There is an adage about an empty barn and an open gate that comes to mind, but I just can’t think what that is at the moment LOLOLOL

*coughs* Sorry about that. It’s very late at night and my sense of humor gets a little twisted outside of the watershed!

When you’re an aspiring writer there seems to be no end to the advice out there and I’m loath to add to the weight. What I will say is basically: if you want it, do it. There is absolutely nothing to stop you.

Oh, that and you can borrow my mum as a motivational speaker if you like. She’s brutal but effective!

If you want to be a writer, write. Or something like that, huh? :P

Britney Spears likes greasy thugs with mullets. I know you’re already La Lohan but would you trade places with Brit? Can you even imagine all the jerky you would have to consume if you were Mrs. Federline? Hey, wait... oh yes!—they separated already! *gasp* Oh goody, Sarah, this is your chance to be the next Mrs. Federline!!! Ya gotta admit, Kev’s hot... in a disgusting way. *gag*

No, Kevin is yuk. Repeat after me Y U K. And I wouldn’t be Brit is you paid me. Actually that is a lie. I’d be Attila the Hun if you paid me enough, so let’s just say you would have to pay me a hell of lot to become the ex Mrs. Kev ‘did you just see my minge’ Federline.

What, you’re not into Kev? But... what about that huge poster of him next to your bed you kiss every night? Well, why dontcha tell us something about you that we should know about. Do you sing in the showers, do you sing when you’re having orgasm or something?

I’m tone deaf, so the only place you will find me singing is in the shower, and I know there are some people who are even trying to get that banned. And I’m a fairly quiet orgasmer. I’m so noisy about doing everything else that to make the orgasm experience special I have to shut up!

Something you should know about me??? I wanted to be a painter when I was about 4. I thought me and my little yellow lunch box full of crayon were going to astound the world. I told a kindly relative of my slightly precocious ambition and he informed point blank that Artists are always extremely poor, starve in garrets (whatever they were) and only become famous after they are dead.

I think that was the best careers advice I ever got!!!! It certainly changed my mind. Not that writers suffer a kinder fate, but there are a reassuring number of fat authors who clearly aren’t starving!

Sarah, thank you so much for your time and for answering all our questions. Anything you’d like to add? You could say I’m bestest over Trollop. *whispers* Don’t worry, I’ll to protect you from that evil heathen. *wink*

Er, Harlot, I grew up with three sisters and I learnt from hanging out with that many females that you never, ever, ever play the bestest game because you could end up dead with a nail file between your eyes and the heel of a stiletto buried in your arse!

Thanks for letting me hang out here and asking so many interesting questions. And I can say without starting an unseemly riot that this is one of the best, and certainly one of the most informative, cyber homes. Without you guys I’d go completely insane!



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Blogger Isabella said...

Fun interview ladies. Tisty, I like that part when you got the call, I would probably have acted the same way and done the same thing! And yes, I'd buy a new BOB too. LOL

Kev Federline is yucky! I say way yuckier than Michael Douglas!!!

1/09/2007 01:11:00 PM  

Blogger Jolie said...

Tisty, lovely interview. I'm with you about the fat authors, it gives aspiring writers hope. ;)

1/09/2007 02:16:00 PM  

Blogger Jolie said...

Geez, my comment sound stupid. Can't think at the moment. Tisty, wishing you the best!

1/09/2007 02:21:00 PM  

Blogger Ladybug said...

Tisty, congratulations on your first book. It looks really good. :) Now that we have established your talent in writing, I say we should also see your talent in posing. It means - we want to see your naked pic too! LOL

By the way, Tisty, where are you from? Kewl interview!

1/09/2007 03:31:00 PM  

Blogger Petra said...

La Tisty,

May you have more good books to come and more hot cover models to accompany them.


1/09/2007 04:49:00 PM  

Blogger Vanessa said...

Tisty, who offered you vagina-shaped chocolates?? lmao! Is there even a penis-shaped pasta? I've yet to see those.

Love the interview, and K Fed or whatever he calls himself now is revolting. YUK indeed!

1/09/2007 05:35:00 PM  

Blogger Tisty said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

1/09/2007 05:36:00 PM  

Blogger Tisty said...

Isabella: there is certainly room enough in the world for micheal douglas and Kev to be mega yuky!

Jolie: me and my waist are cureently doing our best to promote writting as a stable career. I think the christmas puddings may be helping as well!!!!!

Ladybug: sorry No naked photos till the christmas puddings leave the building. And I hail from the grand land down under.

Ladybug: thanks!!!

vanessa; when I worked at the local library one of the clients had a sideline in naughty chocolates. She never got why I laughed so hard

1/09/2007 05:40:00 PM  

Blogger C Bradshaw said...

Tisty, excellent interview. All the best to your first book and please don't forget us little people when paparazzis are already hounding you and your naked pics are already all over the net!!!

1/09/2007 06:15:00 PM  

Blogger Lollie Rose said...

Tisty, congrats on your first book and what a fun interview. As much as I love reading I'm the first one to admit I don't have it in me to be an author. Love your story about how you persevered and got your book published. Here's to you and to your future bestsellers. ;) Cheers!

1/09/2007 06:36:00 PM  

Blogger Jolie said...

Tisty, still eating Christmas puddings? LOL. Not that I blame you, I love them as well. And the Christmas pies and Christmas muffins....

1/09/2007 06:41:00 PM  

Anonymous Ollenska said...

Wonderful interview Tisty! And congrats on your first book!


1/09/2007 08:42:00 PM  

Blogger Aggie said...

Congrats on your first book Tisty from "down under."
Here is hoping it's available in New Zealand.

1/10/2007 12:45:00 AM  

Blogger Tisty said...


this is the site of my cover tart. They are right, he really is every where!!!!!

And Yes aggie, Midnight eyes should be available in New zealand. i think there is a romance book shop doing mail order there. Rendevous book shop in Melbourne is definatly carrying it!!!

1/10/2007 02:41:00 AM  

Blogger Harlot said...

Tisty, thanks again for being such a sport and answering all our questions. Really enjoyed this interview with you. And even if you didn't say i wasn't the bestest over Trollop, i know you think i am. *g* :P

1/10/2007 10:27:00 AM  

Blogger trantung said...

he has a nice body


1/11/2007 07:05:00 PM