Thursday, November 24, 2005

Trollop does sexiest men alive

2005’s Sexiest Man Alive, according to People magazine, is Matthew McConaughey. I agree 100%. Very sexy, very charming and OH SO HOT, with that slight southern accent that sends shivers up your spine. Penelope is one lucky gal (and not only because she got away from Tom!).

Now, these are my favorite picks from the 2005 Sexiest Men list:

Patrick Dempsey. Never did get the appeal when he was younger; but these days, at 37, have to admit he’s looking undeniably fuckable and more than a little dirty. Love the way his eyes crinkle at the sides when he smiles. *sigh*

Clive Owen. Great body, beautiful eyes and incredible tan; but what does it for me is his voice: so thick and sexy. I’m sure if he whispered in my ears (even if it’s talking about laundry detergent) I would come right there LOL. If he did something about that nose, he’d be all but perfect.

My HUH? list: How on earth did these men make the list?

Orlando Bloom. I’m sorry I just don’t get it. This guy, not only has a creepy appearance, but he also looks like he has sex with farm animals in his spare time. Maybe it’s just me, but sharing a bed with a goat does not seem all that fun!

Who are they?!?

Somebody file a missing person reports as these two men are lost. Someone out there must be looking for their ex-convict grandpa and their senile stripper uncle. Had no idea who either of these two men were when first read the article. Apparently Ian McShane (left) is the star of HBO’s series Deadwood, and Daniel Kim (right) is part of the cast of ABC’s hit series LOST. Er, so I guess this automatically makes them sexy?


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Blogger Kenneth Walsh said...

I love you bitches, too.


11/24/2005 05:14:00 PM  

Anonymous Tart said...

Trollop love, I totally agree with you on Orlando Bloom! Ugh. He has no shoulders or lips, and even worse, is a crap actor LOL. Now Ian McShane is actually quite sexy (he looks like he'd f*ck you blind LOL), especially a few years ago during his "Lovejoy" phase (popular British show that I loved).

But, you missed the SEXIEST man of all time...Mr Johnny Depp. Yeah.

11/24/2005 09:30:00 PM  

Blogger Vicious Trollop said...

>Ian McShane is actually quite sexy

Tart babe, have never seen this man before. Perhaps he looks better in person than in that picture?

Johnny Depp,*sigh* now HE, looks like he could fuck me blind, lol (and I would let him too!):P

BTW read your blog everyday.

11/25/2005 01:59:00 AM  

Blogger Bawdy Babe said...

I want Ian McShane to spank me.

11/27/2005 08:15:00 AM  

Blogger Bawdy Babe said...

It wouldn't suprise me one bit if Orlando Bloom has a vagina. And its probably prettier than mine!

11/27/2005 08:16:00 AM  

Blogger Bawdy Babe said...

I don't get Clive Owen. He was great in Closer. But honestly you wouldn't look at him twice if you saw him on the subway.

11/27/2005 08:52:00 AM  

Anonymous Dreamer said...

Yes, I know that this probably won't ever be read, since the post is really old, but I just had to comment...

Ian McShane is great. Really great! I don't think he's sexy, but as an actor, he's fantastic. By the way, he's not the star of Deadwood. One of the main characters, definitely, but I'd say Seth Bullock is the star. And Seth Bullock (Timothy Oliphant) is SEXY!

2/21/2007 06:14:00 AM  

Blogger Harlot said...

Hey Dreamer :D I know what you mean! I hope our recent comments on the sidebar covers the ones in archives too not just the one in the main page. :/ Oh well, Trollop and i read all the comments anyway. :)

About Ian Mcshane, have yet to see DEADWOOD but all the pics i've seen of him is scary! LOL Anyway if that Seth is really S-S-SEXY, then DEADWOOD, i'm coming. :P

2/21/2007 12:18:00 PM