Sunday, November 20, 2005

Bridget a la Mexicana

Vicious Trollop and Bawdy Babe, real IM conversation:

Trollop: I want to blog about this week’s new Bridget column, but forgot how outraged I felt when I first read it.
Bawdy: What’s your beef with Bridget?
Trollop: Well, I hate how Fielding is projecting her married/pregnant life on Bridge. At first really hated her being pregnant, though have gotten over it a bit. But now the baby is Cleaver’s and Mark thinks it’s his?!?
Bawdy: It is??? NO!
Trollop: Is this a Spanish novela or something? Honestly it’s like a third-rate Mexican soap opera starring Thalia.
Bawdy: (Thalia sucks!) Yes, of course it is Mark’s.
Trollop: (Lord, yes! LOL Though Harlot loves her. *g*) No, it’s Cleaver’s. DNA results are back, and now Mark is being all sweet and adorable.
Bawdy: I haven’t read it but there must be a twist somewhere. It can’t be Daniel’s.
Trollop: Unless Mark and Cleaver turn out to be twin brothers separated at birth (the way this column is going I wouldn’t put it past her), there is no way it’s Mark’s.
Bawdy: No way it’s Daniel’s!
Trollop: Anyway, yes, very upset with Fielding for doing this. Why come back to ruin Bridget’s life? I think she’s doing it on purpose because now she has horrible married/child life and wants to take it out on Bridget.
Bawdy: No, she is happily married with baby. She wants it for Bridget too.
Trollop: Ha! That’s what she would have us think! Anywho, Bridget is supposed to be a singleton.
Bawdy: God, you are cynical!
Trollop: She made it okay for women to feel good about being by themselves and now she’s turned around and become fucking smug married.
Bawdy: Well that is the formula, isn’t it? HEA with ring and baby. Hate that shit.

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3 comment(s):

Blogger Harlot said...

Yes, luuurv Thalia. *snort* Eeek! For the record, i don't watch soap operas, i've never watched a Thalia telenovela, and Trollop's favorite song is that theme song from Rosalinda. LOL

11/21/2005 07:51:00 AM  

Anonymous Tart said...

Have to say that I'm not impressed with the direction of the current Bridget either...I thought she was a fictional character, not just a mirror image of Helen Fielding. Bummer. I miss the old Bridge - the chardonnay swigging funny singleton.

11/22/2005 06:17:00 PM  

Blogger Vicious Trollop said...

Bridget Jones where are you? :(

11/23/2005 06:53:00 AM