Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Where is Bridget?

I, like many women around the globe, religiously follow the Bridget Jones’s Diary column, which is published every Thursday in the British daily The Independent.

Two weeks ago The Independent’s site had technical problems, making it impossible for online readers to access the Bridget column for days. The wait, though frustrating and annoying, ended up being worth it, since true to “Fielding style,” was not only laugh out loud funny, but ended with Mark Darcy finally finding out that Bridget is pregnant and dating a younger man.

I spend every day last week expectantly awaiting the next entry (practically marking the days on the wall with a chisel, like convicts in cheesy movies). Finally came Thursday. Early in the morning I logged on to The Independent, only to find this:

The Bridget Jones column appears on this page every Thursday and remains live for one week. She’s on holiday this week, however, and returns on 17 November.

That brings us to my question: Where is Bridget?! I mean, how can Helen Fielding do this to us?!? What kind of selfish monster is she?!?!!

I’m practically pulling my hair out by the roots from desperation and curiosity.

*Deep breath* I hope she’s back tomorrow. If I don’t find out what happens soon, I might have to be committed to a mental institution for a long overdo stay.


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