Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Most wanted list

We, The Book Bitches, live outside the U.S., each in a different country, and one of the biggest issues for us avid readers is the limited amount of books available to us where we live—not a Barnes and Nobles for hundreds of miles. With that said, I put a little list together of books I want to get my greedy little hands on, or in other words, my most wanted list.

No Excuses: The True Story of a Congenital Amputee Who Became a Champion in Wrestling and in Life by Kyle Manard. It’s not often that I want to fuck a guy with no limbs, but after seeing this cutie on Larry King Live and hearing his story, this book, for me, is a must read.

1776 by David McCullough. I saw Tim Russert on CNBC interviewing this author, and was mesmerized. He made our forefathers’ history sound so damn interesting that I found myself glued to the tube for the whole thing.

My Life So Far by Jane Fonda. This woman has led such an interesting life. From her sad beginnings, including having to deal with her mother’s suicide (she slit her own throat for heaven’s sake!), to having a distant Hollywood icon as a father. JF speaks of her attempts to find validation of her worthiness through men. I guess the two Oscars she won were not enough. This woman fascinates me.

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. JW is a Hollywood gossip columnist. I knew of her long before I knew about her. I read a book review about her bleak and very weird childhood. What clinched it for me was when she’s on her way to some celebrity event in a limo and looked out the window and saw her mother picking through a garbage bin for food.

So this is my list. If anyone has any book recommendations, let us know. We are always looking for good books that we can’t find and out of our reach. Perhaps we should change the blog name to “Sadistic Book Bitches”?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

1776 is great. You should read it Bawdy Babe.

1/05/2006 03:10:00 AM  

Blogger Bawdy Babe said...

thanks anonymous. where can i send you my address? smile.

1/05/2006 08:43:00 AM  

Blogger 'Thought & Humor' said...

Jane Fonda - Great American - NOT!!!

1/05/2006 10:28:00 PM