Monday, March 27, 2006

Oh, Fabio, my love, help me brush my teeth

Ladies, I received this through email yesterday, and thought it would be nice of me to share with my fellow Fabio-obsessed bitches (especially Bawdy). Now, I want all of you that apply for the incredible opportunity to meet with this fabulous man and his magnificent, if frizzy, head of hair to come back and let me know. No reason to be shy or embarrassed; I promise I’ll only make a tiny bit of fun of you. *wink*

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12 comment(s):

Blogger Dylan said...

I'll pass thanks! But good luck Bawdy!! =)

3/27/2006 04:33:00 AM  

Blogger Harlot said...


You've knowledge of this grand opportunity since yesterday? And i'm only finding this out now?!? And i thought we were friends.. *sniff*

3/27/2006 05:57:00 AM  

Blogger Bawdy Babe said...

oh fuck off.

3/27/2006 07:39:00 AM  

Blogger Reese said...

The only way I'd go out with that freak-ass is if he let me tie him up and slop pudding on him. There, I've said it.

3/27/2006 03:07:00 PM  

Anonymous Helena said...

I bet he's air brushed! I'd be counting the wrinkles he has!

3/27/2006 03:18:00 PM  

Blogger Reese said...

God, he's a homo.

3/27/2006 03:22:00 PM  

Blogger Vicious Trollop said...

Bawdy, such language! Behave yourself, or my mom will forbid me to hang out with you lol

And I really am sorry I let your Fabio-obsession secret out *sob* I thought you'd be happy to free yourself of such a burden :P

Fabio has to be at least 50, b/c I remember seeing those "I can't believe it's not butter" commercials all the way back to when I was in 8th grade, and let me tell you he was no spring chicken back then!

3/27/2006 03:26:00 PM  

Blogger Tart said...

The man looks like a horse! Honestly, I had a My Little Pony that looked just like him.

3/27/2006 05:10:00 PM  

Anonymous Aggs said...

would he know how to assist with teeth brushing seeing as how hes probably got false-ies hisself?

3/28/2006 05:28:00 PM  

Blogger ag said...

what do you know? I stumbled across the story on USAToday and had a good laugh at it.

4/03/2006 12:56:00 PM  

Blogger ag said...

um, I don't exactly dig Fabio.

4/03/2006 12:57:00 PM  

Blogger Gun_Wielding_Bitch said...

My Favorite Fabio Moment by Gun Weilding Bitch

My favorite Fabio moment, and truly only Fabio moment I give a shit about, is when this fugly, fugly man got nailed in the face by a bird while on a roller coaster.

However, we should say a prayer for that bird. Could you imagine having to be that close to fugly boy's face and having it be the last thing you see before you die? My heart breaks for you birdie.

4/10/2006 08:44:00 AM