Friday, February 10, 2006

Torino 2006

I absolutely love the Olympics, both the winter and summer ones. I’ve mentioned before how much of a non-sports fan I am, but during the Olympics I become a rabid sports maniac LOL. I will watch as much as my tight schedule will permit. I will cheer for complete strangers, in events I don’t even understand the rules of, and even worse (and more embarrassing!) I will cry when they win!

You know those little stories they have on “favorite” or “underdog” athletes? I’m such a sucker for those. And after watching, I will, of course, root for whoever had to walk 5 miles barefoot in the snow to get to practice, or whoever’s parents sold all their worldly possessions and lived in their car so they could train. I am the perfect victim for journalists and TV shows to fool, because I really do get excited about these things. You’d think I knew these people the way I go off LOL. Is anyone else this easy?

The only competitor I know this time around is Michelle Kwan. And I so hope she wins. She really deserves it!

Tune in tonight for the opening ceremonies (Friday at 8 p.m. Turin time) and keep an eye out for any “sad/inspiring” stories you want to share with me. I’ll be watching too!


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Blogger Malicious Strumpet said...

YEAH! I'm soooo with you, Trollop. I'm working on finishing a paper so that tonite I can watch the opening ceremonies (in recap, sadly, because there's no way I'll be done this @#$%$% History paper in the next 1/2 hour to watch it live).

I'm looking forward to 2 weeks of crying at little biographies that they do on the athletes, and the commercials that they play, and cheering people on. The only times in my life that I'll watch Hockey are during the Olympics!

2/10/2006 02:33:00 PM  

Anonymous Ann said...

I'm the same way. I love sports and typically go for the underdog anyway, but especially in the olympics. I get such a kick out of the olympics. I am more a fan of the summer games but do enjoy winter too. I think its the swimmer's bodies I like but heck some of those speed skaters aren't bad either oh and the snow boarders. Hmmm.
I'll keep an eye for the sad/inspiring stories.
Happy Viewing!

2/10/2006 03:57:00 PM  

Blogger Bawdy Babe said...

MS, is that allowed? Aren't you, by law, obligated to watch hockey?

2/11/2006 12:32:00 PM  

Blogger Malicious Strumpet said...

Yeah, I'm a rebel. What can I say?! :D It's very funny, everyone around me is a hockey nut, but I'm just not into it. I'm Canadian in every other way, though, I swear! And I do watch Olympic hockey, so it's not like I never get ANY hockey viewing in...(yep, sounding pathetic, hee hee hee).

2/11/2006 07:37:00 PM