Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What the hell happened last night?!

Am I the only one who thinks American Idol sucked last night? Oh man... And to think I was so excited it’s finally down to the Top 12! I don’t know what happened, but not one of the contestants was at his/her best, not even close to the good performances we’ve seen from the previous weeks. I actually thought I was watching some lame-ass show for wannabe singers bitches like me make fun of. Is this karma for laughing at Trollop’s SB dilemma? *confused*

Ace – Oh, someone PLEASE exonerate me. Was I drunk when I said this guy is really cute? Or perhaps it was that time I was brewing some mushroom tea? Oh god, the shame, horrible shame... *shudder* Well, at least I can say am not going deaf as I know he’s not a good singer even from the start. Also, is it just me or he’s beginning to look... pasty? Ugh.

Kellie – I have to agree with the judges that this girl is likable. That “calamari” bit and that funny “minx” thingy make people like her. However, I’m sorry to say this, but she’s beginning to appear like a dim bulb. Not to mention if she continues picking up boring songs, she’ll be out of AI soon.

Elliott – I really thought he was awesome two weeks ago when he performed “Moody’s Mood for Love” (don’t know how he’s going to top that). However, um... well, I guess it’s endearing that he cried when he met his “Idol” Stevie, but last night was his worst performance yet. He was pitchy, nervous, twitchy, and very forgettable. He should do better next week.

Mandisa – I don’t know why she’s a favorite of many. Don’t get me wrong; she is a good singer—better than most in the Top 12, but her voice offers nothing new. Gotta give it to her though for being the first one to sing barefoot on AI.

Bucky – Oh, Bucky, Bucky... That Jessica Simpson hair, you need to fix that—FAST. Just cut the long hair off. Anyway, I actually like his voice, and that’s saying a lot since I don’t like country music (never even seen a Keith Urban video—that’s even as Bawdy constantly drools for this guy LOL). I also like that he seems unaffected of all his new found celebrity status. Really hope he’ll be able to stay as long as he could on the show.

Melissa – Since I don’t know the song she sang last night, have no idea how much of the lyrics she butchered.

Lisa – Another one many people like but I think is just okay. Nothing special with a girl who only sings ballad songs and just gives a rendition of the original one. Although she has a good stage presence, I don’t agree she has a perfect voice; she’s pitchy last night.

Kevin – What the fuck is he doing in the Top 12?!? I’m guessing those people who vote for him are either deaf or blind—or numb!—or getting senile they begin to think he really is the “sexy stud” he’s determine to stamp on people’s mind. “Kevin is my heaven”??? Euww.

Katharine – I really like this girl. She can definitely sing. Really great voice. I honestly think that if she continues to perform well, she’ll be the next “American Idol.” Hate her stupid dress though. And her fugly sandals too.

Taylor – I’ve always liked him even from the start, though he seems a little bit weird LOL. But this competition needs him. Horrible dancer, yes; but he has a good voice, contagious fervor, and he’s just totally passionate about music (not to mention that, somehow, he makes people enjoy it more).

Paris – She’s always been a good performer, but I think she’s beginning to become overly confident. Nothing bad with that, but it could get annoying and put people off.

Chris – He did well. He always seems to do well. But Simon is right; this is still AI. He needs to start getting songs from other genres, not just rock, or people will get tired of him. BTW, he totally did a Bo Bice thing with him dragging that mic stand.

So, who do you think will be in the bottom 3 tonight? Who’s the one going home? Am REALLY hoping it will be Kevin. He’s an awfully bad, BAD singer who resembles a featherless Chicken Little. HE NEEDS TO GO!

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Blogger Nika said...

I couldn't agree with you more on your analogies! I am desperately hoping that Chicken Little goes....I don't even like his voice, and to those who thinks he is sexy or even worse "Kevin is Heaven"....GET SOME DAMN GLASSES! I think Paris was so/so....but that jerky neck thing killed it for me last night...What's up with that? K McPhee is definately my favorite female. But you're right, her outfit was horrendous! And I have to say that Taylor is probably my favorite male, his looks aside, he brings something different to the table, and tho' he might not get all the teenie bopper votes, he'll get plenty from the 30-60yr old peeps.

3/15/2006 07:36:00 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kevin didn't even get in the bottom 3! Unbelieveable! He should have gone, but he has too many voters in the 8-12 and 60-75 beackets...

I also fucking SICK of hearing about Paris' potential- I'm not sure she is as great as everyone says she is/will be. Just cause her granny is semi-famous doesn't mean that Paris should be. Grrrrr

Hopefully next week we will have a real competition!

3/15/2006 10:37:00 PM  

Blogger T-girl said...

OMG! Did anyone else notice that Chicken Little is getting cocky? I mean I am all for the underdog, but I think he is too young to handle this type of competition and he needs to go, if for no other reason then so all the kids in his school don't have to listin to his "I am a sex symbol" dialog AND for his future sanity becuase the whole thing is going to be a HUGEW reality shock once the truth hits! Watching him all I could think was..."he would be great singing musicals!" LOL

I am SO over the Ace thing, did you see his bro? I thought he was going to storm up there and kick peoples asses when he was put in the bottom three!

All I ask is that all those damn people with teenagers and little kids that have cellphone to block AI numbers, otherwise this could be really ugly in the end!!!

3/16/2006 04:04:00 AM  

Blogger Vicious Trollop said...

Is it me, or does that kid in the back look like Doguie houser (no idea how to speel that lol)?

3/16/2006 02:21:00 PM  

Blogger Random Musings Of My Life said...

OK I so agree with this whole post.
Only thing is I REALLY like Madisa, there is something about her spirit, maybe its cause shes a big girl, I don't know there is something I really like about her.
I think it will be Katryn, Taylor, Chris, and Madisa and Paris to the final 5.
Ugg about Kevin he has to go!

3/16/2006 03:48:00 PM  

Blogger Harlot said...

Oh i didn't see the elimination show. :S I saw just a bit of it, only the beginning. Been so busy the whole day doing a LOT of papers (ugh, hate school). When i came home, all i wanted was to lye down. I was so hungry but too tired to even move. LOL Just put my feet up and stayed on the couch. :P Of course Trollop has to call by then and disturb my rest. :S

3/16/2006 06:35:00 PM  

Blogger Paula said...

*laughing* THANK GAWD someone else agrees with me on the results last week. Egads... what on earth is going on when CHICKEN freakin LITTLE can be in the top 12? I thought it was sweet of people to keep him in before the Top 12. Ya know, feelin' sorry for the little booger and all. But hell and damnation... enough is enough.

Ace... *gag* Just a wanna-be!

Paris honey, never, eva sing your "thank you" at the end of your performance honey.

Pirate boy... cut the hair. Ick.

My personal favorite is Taylor. Yeah, he's a little odd but he's a Bama boy, which ain't bad. Plus I'm really into this Michael McDonald's baby by Stevie Wonder routine he has goin' on. YOWZA!

Rocker aka Chris has my vote for now. That too is open to change at a moments notice.

3/19/2006 06:29:00 PM  

Blogger Currin Girl said...

See with Kevin, it's like Idol's version of the Jedi Mind Trick. If they repeatedly tell us he's a sexy stud, then somehow we're all supposed to believe it.

3/20/2006 10:35:00 AM