Thursday, May 25, 2006

Book Watch: Cover of Night

Cover of Night
by Linda Howard

Format: Hardcover, 336 pages
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Pub Date: June 27, 2006
ISBN: 0345486501

For breathless action, gripping suspense, and intense romance, bestselling author Linda Howard never misses a beat—and her thrilling new novel will have your heart racing.

In the charming rural town of Trail Stop, Idaho, accessible to the outside world by only a single road, young widow Cate Nightingale lives peacefully with her four-year-old twin boys, running a bed-and-breakfast. Though the overnight guests are few and far between—occasional hunters and lake fishermen—Cate always manages to make ends meet with the help of the local jack-of-all-trades, Calvin Harris, who can handle everything from carpentry to plumbing. But Calvin is not what he seems, and Cate’s luck is about to run out.

One morning, the B&B’s only guest inexplicably vanishes, leaving behind his personal effects. A few days later Cate is shocked when armed men storm the house, demanding the mystery man’s belongings. Fearing for her children’s lives, Cate agrees to cooperate—until Calvin saves the day, forcing the intruders to scatter into the surrounding woods.

The nightmare, however, is just beginning. Cate, Calvin, and their entire community find themselves cut off and alone with no means to call for help as the threat gathers intensity and first blood is drawn.

With their fellow residents trapped and the entire town held hostage, Cate and Calvin have no choice but to take the fight to their enemies under the cover of night. While reticent Cal becomes a fearless protector, Cate makes the most daring move of her life... into the very heart of danger.


8 comment(s):

Blogger C Bradshaw said...

I love Linda Howard. She's one of my autobuy authors. I can't wait for this one. :D

5/25/2006 08:00:00 AM  

Anonymous kat said...

Her last book "Killing Time" was such a stinker, I'm really on the fence whether to even try this one. My question is this: Where is the REAL Linda Howard?!

5/25/2006 05:54:00 PM  

Anonymous Kaitlin said...

I was such a fan of hers for a long time...haven't read anything lately, but I think this one looks good.

Did anyone else love Son of the Morning like me? I LOVED that book. So trippy & stuff. :)

5/25/2006 06:43:00 PM  

Blogger Harlot said...

Hey Kaitlin, welcome!

I've yet to read SON OF THE MORNING. It's LH's time-travel right? My fave of hers is got to be AFTER THE NIGHT. :P

5/25/2006 06:59:00 PM  

Blogger Petra said...

Kaitlin, I love Son of the Morning! I dislike time-travel romances in general, especially when the character just suddenly travel though time without any explanation at all. But this one is good and very interesting. You should read it Harlot. :) You'll love Grace and although Black Niall only appeared like 50 pages before the book ends, it's very exciting and well-written.

5/25/2006 07:11:00 PM  

Blogger Aggie said...

I hated her last time traveller one "Killing Time" and it lacked her trade mark humour which is what I loved the most about her books.
I will try this new one, based on the quality of her past writing,in the hope she returns to her writing roots.
Anyone who reads it soon, please let us know if any good. Thanx.

5/25/2006 11:06:00 PM  

Anonymous Tazza said...

Her last book sucked! I read the excerpt of cover of night and if the rest of the book reads like the excerpt, the book is going to be another stinker. Is that going to stop me from reading it? Not! Library here I come. Who has now taken the reserve, must have this book NOW spot that LH has held for the past 5 yrs? J.R Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Now here is an author who rocks.

5/25/2006 11:55:00 PM  

Anonymous LacyKay said...

I have to agree--I have loved most of LH's books (Son of the Morning by far my fave). I was really excited when early promos of Killing Time said it would be harkening back to her "Son of the Morning"-type book. But it was awful--so awful I just couldn't even finish it. I have high hopes for this one... but won't rush out to buy it like I did Killing Time.

6/10/2006 07:57:00 PM