Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Harlot, you didn't!!!

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Blogger Vicious Trollop said...

I don't like vday either, but don't you think you went a bit overboard? He's only a child after all! But seeing as you roasted AND ate your pet bunnies this was probably a piece of cake for you, you evil Harlot!

2/14/2007 06:07:00 PM  

Blogger Harlot said...


No one will believe you that i shot fucking Cupid anyway!

GOOD. :@

2/14/2007 06:12:00 PM  

Blogger Harlot said...

Oh and how many times do i have to tell you, I DID NOT KILL (OR EAT, you maniac) MY BUNNIES. They died of natural causes, even S said so. Some evil bug bit them or something. :(

2/14/2007 06:14:00 PM  

Blogger Ladybug said...

Harlot, what did you do???? LOL LOL

Happy Non-V-Day to you beautiful bitches :P

2/14/2007 06:51:00 PM  

Blogger Polly King said...

Oh Harlot, your poor bunnies... and Cupid too. What are the chances that Trollop is right and they have something in common? Ha-ha! :P

2/14/2007 07:17:00 PM  

Blogger said...

Good aim. Kids are scary.

But what's this I hear about bunnies?


2/14/2007 07:25:00 PM  

Blogger Harlot said...

Why, thank you. Er, about the bunnies, it's not true!!! I swear Trollop invented that story to torment me, that vile woman. *sniff*

I did had the cutest, most fluffiest pair of dwarf rabbits. They were given by my ex and used to be my little darlings. They're so soft and tiny! Um, this is embarrassing but if you ladies still haven't figured it out *shy* i'm sort of... well, not animal friendly. :/ I'm no Hitler really! And i won't stand for cruelty to animals, it's just.. dunno, i'm fucking afraid of anything that bark, meow, tweet, moo, cuckoo, etc, that could bite, peck, eat, trample me to death. Oh god... (This is one of the reasons why i love SEP's KISS AN ANGEL, felt an affinity with Daisy.)

When S (my ex) gave me the bunnies, i was sooooo mad LOL. I thought he's going back at me for hating his fucking dog. (It had to stay out of the house whenever i'm at his place. Well it's HUGE!--it could fucking eat me!) But he said he thought it'll be good that i'll learn to get along with at least one animal, so he picked the smallest one he could think of that i could cuddle. I think i loved him for that. Oh god i shouldn't be talking about this!!!

Oh well, after 3 weeks the girl bunny died. :( Don't know what happened really. S said some evil bugs probably bit my poor bunny (apparently bunnies are allergic to bugs :/). Then after a while, the boy bunny died too. *sniff* In all my life, never had any pet (not even a fish) except for those bunnies. *sniff*

2/14/2007 08:14:00 PM  

Blogger Harlot said...

My girl Netherland dwarf bunny looked like this cutie. Exactly like that. *sniff* The boy bunny had brown fur. They were so tiny i could put each one on my palm. Do you know that Netherland dwarf rabbits do not get big? :) They remain small all their lives. Mostly 1.5 to 2 pounds full grown.

2/14/2007 08:49:00 PM  

Blogger Lily Moon said...

BBs, you crack me up, lol. Thanks for the laugh.

Harlot, how sweet of your bf :) and loved the rabbit pic - so cute. No one has ever given me a dog and I love dogs, not that I can take care of it now. I like birds too, but they are a bit noisy in the morning. lol

2/14/2007 09:18:00 PM  

Anonymous ~Cassie~ said...

Cmon Harlot, fess up. :p

2/14/2007 10:18:00 PM  

Blogger Sabby said...

LOL. You two are so funny.

I had a great day girls. My husband gave me flowers, chocolates and this beautiful necklace. Then the kids sent us chocolate cakes. I hope you girls had a good day too, even the ones who didn't like Valentines. :)

2/14/2007 10:52:00 PM  

Blogger Serendipity said...

Way to go Harlot.

What am I seeing next? Santa beheaded?

Oh, here's a good one, Harry Potter on a stake?

Boiling in oil maybe?

2/15/2007 12:20:00 AM  

Blogger said...

That's one cute rabbit. I had a few when I was younger, but they died, too. One was eaten by a raccoon (it was loose in the backyard) and the other died of old age, I think. That one we had for a number of years. He always managed to escape, so we'd have to chase him through the neighbourhood... Not unlike the dogs, come to think of it, but they're not as fragile and somewhat more trained.

A friend of mine's parents has two rescued cockatoos and she hates them because they're so loud. She shoots them with a water gun to shut them up; apparently her aim is getting pretty good. She's worried that because they live forever - or close to it - she'll end up inheriting them. LOL.

2/15/2007 01:02:00 AM  

Anonymous Hotmama said...

Jeez, that felled cupid is almost sacriligeous...or something :P

I'm glad today is over. It's just too fucking contrived! But I love my long-stemmed roses :D . Too bad the chocolates weren't very ass doesn't need them anyway.

I'm becoming too selfish for pets in my old age. Although I loved my darling Bichon, MSRIP. I did have a bunny when I was little, Fluffy, and she was HUGE, lol.

2/15/2007 01:30:00 AM  

Blogger Harlot said...

Fine. I did it. What can i say, he's an irritating little bugger. And what is wrong with him? He's oranger than a carrot.

Glad you had fun. :)

Lily Moon,
I hate birds. :/ They're terribly noisy and they can peck you to death! My lovely mom used to have like a gazillion African love birds (she freaking love birds, she really does it's insane!) and they were housed in this humongous cage that was put next to my bedroom. Ohgad, i swear, every day i was tempted to loose a rat inside it to finish them all off. But seeing i'm afraid of rats... and of course my mom would kill me..

I would NEVER ever harm Harry. I lub him. Santa, well we sorta have a truce. JKR on the other hand, that sadistic witch. The wait for HP7 is driving me crazy!

She shoots them with a water gun? That's bad LOL. Eaten by a raccoon? Oh no, that's terrible!

Of them all, i really don't like dogs. :S I panic every time i see one approaching me. But yep, i think rabbits are like them, but spunkier and million times cuter!

I'm glad to announce no red roses this year LOL. Got some chocolates though, all gone now. Binged on them since Feb13. Oh well..

2/15/2007 07:18:00 AM  

Anonymous Tinkerbell said...

Good job Harlot.

I don't like birds but I love dogs. I love our Skye Terrier, his name is Pico and he's really spoiled, lol.

2/15/2007 09:51:00 AM  

Blogger kinky courtesan said...

it is my favorite day of the year ladies!!! why you may ask... no it isn't my birthday.... its the day after v-day... that means a whole year until the next one!!! YAY!!!!

2/15/2007 11:44:00 AM  

Blogger said...

Speaking of bunnies... I think the prop guys were having a little too much fun. :D

2/15/2007 02:17:00 PM  

Blogger Petra said...

Poor Cupid, got caught by the BBs, and I like this little chubby version.

Dance, I didn't notice those rabbits. LOL. Thank for sharing. I love House by the way.

2/15/2007 03:11:00 PM  

Blogger Danielle De Barbarac said...

Got a great gift from my boyfriend. :) Still, thank goodness Valentines is over. LOL. Harlot, good shot.

2/15/2007 04:04:00 PM  

Blogger Rachel said...

Nice shot. lol

2/16/2007 12:42:00 AM