Monday, February 5, 2007

Super Bowl

Mi Trollop has a new fun post for us today but since she has to sleep first and I’m bored, let’s discuss the Super Bowl for a bit. So, did you guys watch the game?

I have to admit, besides ogling the uber hot athletes, :P the only interest I have on Super Bowl is the commercials LOL. (Sorry, I’m not a fan. :/) This year everyone from Robert Goulet to a talking mouse tried to sell something during the Super Bowl. Now, here are my favorites:

The Crash. Quick story with actual twists and a happy ending. Very cute.

Snickers Kiss. This reminds me of Lady and the Tramp (yeah, I’m talking about Disney cartoons again), though not as romantic but more... er, manly. *snort*

Ax-Wielding Hitchhiker. MEN. Honestly... anything for a beer!

Letterman and Oprah. Snuggling. Need I say more? LOL. By far, my favorite of them all.

Which one do you think is the best? Any all-time favorite Super Bowl ad? *g*

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20 comment(s):

Blogger Shoshana said...

Gawd! Did I miss Superbowl again?

I like watching the ads, and the halftime show.


2/05/2007 11:40:00 AM  

Blogger Shoshana said...

I don't understand the Dorito ad, somebody explain it to me in small simple words!

Snickers? Let's just say that I probably won't be eating snickers in a long long while...

I like the beer one. Even if I don't like the beer taste..I know. I am horribly boring when it comes to alcohol.

What's up with the Letterman?

2/05/2007 11:46:00 AM  

Blogger Ladybug said...

Bears lose... (cry)

I love the commercials this year. My favorite was the Blockbuster mouse. Very funny and tied in with the product. Bud Light had some good commercials as well.

2/05/2007 11:59:00 AM  

Blogger Vicious Trollop said...

I like the bud one and the letterman/oprah one. But like shosh don't get the dorito's one AT ALL, really no idea what its meant to be *confused* The snickers one totally grossed me out. Who would want to eat a snickers after that?!?!! UGHHH

2/05/2007 12:14:00 PM  

Anonymous Gun_Wielding_Bitch said...

I'm so glad you posted some of the ads. I didn't get to watch the game so I missed them all. I was moving my brother and sister-in-law's stuff to their new house in the snow and -3f weather!

That sucked!

2/05/2007 12:28:00 PM  

Blogger Danielle De Barbarac said...

The Snickers kiss made me laugh. I also like that one by GoDaddy's and Robert Goulet with nuts. LOL. I thought KFed's commercial isn't that bad too.

2/05/2007 01:37:00 PM  

Blogger Dakota Cassidy said...

OMG--Oprah and Letterman, sittin' in a tree. LOLLOL

Cracked me up.

DC :)

2/05/2007 02:03:00 PM  

Anonymous Tinkerbell said...

What about that one by Bud Light where the guy slaps the CEO at the end? That one was funny.

2/05/2007 02:14:00 PM  

Blogger are you asking me to dance? said...

I totally forgot about the Superbowl, not that I would have watched even if I'd remembered. Those ads are quite amusing. I liked one of the Budweiser ones from last year - the one with the crowd doing the wave - but that was also one of the few I saw. LOL.

Couldn't they have gotten two hot guys to do the Snickers ad (not that it wasn't funny as is)? Say these two? (or, you know, other actors who aren't playing brothers.)

I didn't know the "cat herding" ad was a Superbowl commercial. I have no idea what it's advertising, though.

2/05/2007 02:19:00 PM  

Blogger Petra said...

I think the Snickers commercial is pretty hot. LOL. Actually I think they're goal is to shock people and they did. They accomplished their goal. I don't think I'll be having a Snickers after that though.

Dance, love the pic! Jensen Ackles is hot!

2/05/2007 03:06:00 PM  

Blogger Polly King said...

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2/05/2007 03:46:00 PM  

Blogger Polly King said...

I remember that Budweiser commercial with clydesdales taking a long ride in the winter. As they reach NYC, they stopped and bowed to the city which had been attacked the previous Sept 11. It was shown only once during Super Bowl 2002 after the 9/11 tragedy. A very powerful tribute.

2/05/2007 03:48:00 PM  

Blogger Harlot said...

I googled that commercial you mentioned and
got this.

Dance, kissing brothers? Euw, that's way disturbing! LOL

2/05/2007 04:35:00 PM  

Blogger are you asking me to dance? said...

"Dance, kissing brothers? Euw, that's way disturbing! LOL"

I couldn't agree more. So _not_ into incest.

But what do you do when the slash practically writes itself?

Dean: Why do people think we're gay?
Sam: You're very butch and maybe people think you're overcompensating.

FBI Guy to Dean, about Sam: He's the Bonnie to your Clyde.

It's like the writers know! And fandom has it's own special word for it: Wincest. Oy. I'm so totally hooked on this show. And I can't even watch horror.

2/05/2007 05:11:00 PM  

Blogger are you asking me to dance? said...

And, to apologize for dragging this off-topic, the towel shot. :D

2/05/2007 05:16:00 PM  

Blogger Isabella said...

I loved the commercial this year. I think they were funnier than last year. Bud Light's commercials were simple but had the most laugh.

Dance, I totally agree with you about Supernatural. I love that show too.

2/05/2007 06:26:00 PM  

Anonymous ~Cassie~ said...

I missed that David-Oprah ad! Thanks for posting some of the commercial...

2/05/2007 08:01:00 PM  

Blogger ALE said...

It's good you're focusing on the Super Bowl commercials and not the game. I'm a HUGE Chicago Bears fan and I can't discuss the actual game without vulgar language (mainly aimed at the useless fucktard Rex Grossman, who isn't even cute enough to make his shit ability easily looked over).

Sorry, it's a sore subject. I didn't get the Dorito commercial either. Not impressed. I liked the commercial with all the men stripping outside the car to get closer to it. LOL. That cracked me up. Especially with the woman covering her eyes saying "just tell me when it's over".

I missed the Oprah/Letterman one. Thanks for posting it here.

2/05/2007 09:49:00 PM  

Blogger Nikky said...

Yeah, I liked the shirtless men around the car, but I think my favorite was the "But he's got an AXE!"
silly men and their beer...

2/05/2007 11:39:00 PM  

Blogger T-girl said...

OH! You had my two favs... "HE HAS A CHAINSAW!" LMAO That and the Letterman-Oprah one! That was great!

I actually liked the Kfed one also!

OH! and I am SO glad I am not the only one who did not get the Dorito commercial. I was like... "airbags?" Are they saying there is more air in their bags then chips?" THAT is what it said to me. I liked the first part though where HE rearends the car because that part was cute... the rest was stupid... was she trying to give him HER chips? I am all confused! LMAO

2/06/2007 04:20:00 AM