Monday, July 9, 2007

How many books do you think you'll get through in a lifetime?

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I stumbled upon an article from the Northern Echo about a British pensioner named Edna Foulds. She’s borrowed an amazing 20,800 books over the past 40 years from her local library. Not only that! She’s only had to pay an overdue fine on ONE occasion! I KNOW! Honestly, if she reads 10 books a week, how the hell would she even have time for other important things like kissing, shopping, ice cream-ing, sleeping or lovin’???

I used to read a book per day. I’ve always had trouble sleeping so I read. I couldn’t be without a book—I’d die tragically like a pretty fish in the dessert! Or at least that’s what it felt like. As I started giving the male species the attention they’ve been clamoring from me, *long-suffering sigh* *wink* my reading time was severely curtailed. (You can’t read while kissing, can you?) Still, I’d bring a book wherever I go: school, mall, restaurants, love slaves auctions... I’d read during classes while pretending to listen to my professors, in the car (this is why I lurve my driver LOL), I’d even leave books all over my BF’s place. My point is, now that I’m almost a grown up, I read, um, probably around... *counting* *counting* ohcrap... *whispers* oneortwobooksperweek. *cringe*

Well, I’ve been busy! *hmph* Not just with kissing! But seriously, I think I’ve already read at least 2,000 books in my life. And then I’d probably read 2,000 more before an uber beautiful Raoul-looking creature with the most AMAZING eyes and wet-your-knickers-hot-hot body will take me to paradise. *sigh*

What about you? How many books have you read already? How many do you read a week/year? How many do you think you’ll read in a lifetime? You think you could give Mrs. Foulds a run for her books—er, money? :P



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Anonymous Crystal said...

God! I thought I read alot.

O.K the sleeping and lovin... maybe she was single her whole life. Who knows. BUT the shopping and icecream. Those are two things you just have to take time for. Sadly I eat icecream almost everyday. And I have the hips to prove it. LOL!

7/09/2007 10:05:00 AM  

Blogger Harlot said...

Crystal LOL. Oh i do love ice cream. Verra important, ice cream-ing. ;) Speaking of ice-cream, i have a post about that this week.

Anyway, about Mrs. Foulds, according to the article, she's married, have kids and grandchildren. I know! So, really, she must be a very fast reader to accomplish such a feat!

7/09/2007 10:16:00 AM  

Anonymous malicious strumpet said...

I must be the world's slowest reader. I think I've only made it through maybe 10 books since January. Yeah. I suck. ;)

But I usually only read before bed, and if I'm really tired, I'll only get a page or two in before my eyes start closing...


7/09/2007 10:53:00 AM  

Blogger Harlot and Trollop said...

But MS, you're busy pastoring (is this a word?) and shepherding your flock. That's more important!

(Yes you heathens, we have a pastor friend too, you know. And she likes Daniel Craig. :P)


7/09/2007 11:10:00 AM  

Blogger Ladybug said...

Ten books a week? OMG. And I thought I read fast. I consume 3-4 books a week but I have work and kids to feed and other things to do. LOL.

Love the naked men rowing while reading. Maybe that's how she does it, Mrs Foulds, multi-tasking!

7/09/2007 02:07:00 PM  

Anonymous donna said...

Well, I love this pic. It has it all, bods, books and a rigorous exersize regimen. I could be the lap girl. Imagine, each would have his own distinct reading voice. I think the last two even have chestal hair.
*sigh* ty i'm smiling now.

7/09/2007 02:11:00 PM  

Anonymous carmen said...

I had to reread the first paragraph again because I thought you wrote "prisoner" not "pensioner" LOL!!

I think I need a nap. If I'm in one of my reading moods I can read a book in a day. Thats if I really really like the book. I'll say that in a good month I can read about 8 books. In a bad month I'll read about 2 or 3 books sometimes just one or none at all. I love to read!! Whenever I get a chance I do it but life usually gets in the way. Its funny because I was asked once how do I get to read a book with a soon to be 3 year old little boy. I told them that I read at WORK!!! My boss is UBER COOL!!

7/09/2007 02:21:00 PM  

Blogger Jolie said...

Everyone wants ice cream-ing. ;-) I read 3 books a month. If I'm not in any reading funk, make that 5.

Donna, that's a good plan but I think most of those men are gay. Just look at that second guy from the left. He is pretending to read while checking the first guy's butt. Wonder what the first guy is reading though... (look at his expression)

7/09/2007 02:46:00 PM  

Blogger ~Deb said...

I hardly have enough time to read 10 blogs per day, no less 10 books! For the love of God, this person has a lot of time on her hands! :)

7/09/2007 04:40:00 PM  

Blogger o_ParaKedista said...

Hey, great photo indeed! Btw, your blog is excellent, kissesss!

7/09/2007 04:58:00 PM  

Blogger Danielle De Barbarac said...

Great picture. LOL

I hope I would be able to read 3,000 books in my lifetime. I usually read at work. Thank God for ebooks. Actually I think most people read at work. I'm guessing people who invented ebooks were those who had to pretend they were working when they were actually reading. Ebooks - perfect disguise!

7/09/2007 06:02:00 PM  

Blogger Bex said...

are you counting rereads? b/c i must have read the harry potter series AT LEAST 30 times... times 7...210... and that's only by one author.

but hey, i was homeschooled through middle school and what better way to get out of math than to read? especially harry potter. i probably averaged about 5-7 books a week then.

now that im in highschool, and have to waste my time reading the crap they put on the reading lists (not ALL of it is crap... just alot), i probably only read like... two books a month... wow that's sad.

7/09/2007 06:34:00 PM  

Blogger Bex said...

'scuse me... i meant times 6 b/c the 7th book has not yet come out... can't wait though!!!!

7/09/2007 06:35:00 PM  

Anonymous Gabrielle said...

Wow. Thats a lot of books.

I read about a book a day. But when school starts I have to cut back.
I can't even remember a lot of the books that I've read, only a vague recollection...

7/09/2007 06:50:00 PM  

Blogger Menchie said...

Ok, counting the Nancy Drew, Sweet Dreams, Sweet Valley (I even read the Caitlin series - anyone remember that??), Mills & Boon books I went through from grade school to college I must have read close to 4,000 books. I still have all my hard bound Nancy Drew books.

And seeing as I have an uber patient hubby who doesn't mind if i read in the car (with the light on), I can go through 3-4 books a week. Used to be more when I was didn't have kids yet.

7/09/2007 08:50:00 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a speed reader, so I go through alot of books .. when I'm in a reading mood. When I was younger, that was ALL the time and I have read heaps. Not so much in the last few years as I've tended to internet a bit more and read a bit less.
You can hardly blame me with a whole boat load of nekkid men to look at. Thanks Bitches!

7/09/2007 10:41:00 PM  

Blogger Mailyn said...

Hiya Harlot! Just wanted to let you know that I sang in Chinese and posted it on my blog. Go and have a laugh. LOL.

7/09/2007 11:19:00 PM  

Anonymous donna said...


of course you're probably right. i also craved ice cream today and found only rainbow sherbet in the freezer. lol was still good.

i think the first guy might have a bottom pinching problem. that can't be comfortable!

7/10/2007 02:36:00 AM  

Blogger Lorelei said...

Rereads doesn't count right? I must have read 3,000 books already. When I was a kid, I read a lot of books. Nowadays with real life intruding, I go through 2 books a week. Real life... bah! (I love the boatmen!)

7/10/2007 02:38:00 AM  

Anonymous scott foulds said...

hey all well the woman in the artical is my nan and yes she was married for 65 years my grandad passsed away last year my nan takes 10 books out aweek some times she will read them all some times she mite only read 4 or 5 depends on her moods like most of us i supose but she recons she has read about 85-90% of what she has took out

7/10/2007 08:32:00 AM  

Blogger Harlot said...

Scott, is this for real? But really, i say welcome, and thank you for letting us know. :)

I don't know of anyone who has achieved what your nan has achieved. Such an accomplishment to read all those books! Anyway, do send our regards to your nan. Have a good day!

7/10/2007 09:28:00 AM  

Anonymous Ollenska said...

If you count rereads and audio books, I must have read 3,000 books. I don't know how Mrs. Foulds does it but she makes me feel I should be reading more and spend less time ice cream-ing. ;-)


7/10/2007 05:18:00 PM  

Blogger Vanessa said...

I like the pic. If I'm on the mood I can read a book in one day but with all the time I spend on line these days, I read 4-5 books a month.

7/10/2007 06:18:00 PM  

Blogger Rachel said...

Almost 21,000 books! Wow.... I can't even imagine reading 10,000.

I must have read 1,000 books. Lately I get to finish a book every week. I'm happy with that.

7/11/2007 10:05:00 AM