Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm so going to be fired

It’s almost 6 p.m. and I have not started working yet.

I just finished reading Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas which I started last night and read straight through for 15 hours. Wow, this book was good!


For some reason, my copy of Sugar Daddy has the epilogue in the beginning (WTF?) and I read it thinking it was part of the story.

I fell in love with Hardy in the first half of the book *sigh* and kept wondering if maybe the weird epilogue in the beginning was from another novel all together because, really, who the hell were Gage and Carrington and where had Hardy gone?

Then, to my delight, Gage steps into the story and I forgot all about, er, that other guy—what was his name again? LOL I so didn’t want Hardy to disrupt things between Gage and Liberty (what kind of stupid name is Liberty, btw?) and I started disliking both the heroine and her childhood love because they were hurting Gage. *grrr* What is wrong with Liberty?!? HELLO! Gage drove a Maybach and owned two private jets—and he loved her, really loved her. I was rather confused by her childish insistence to find out what she felt for Hardy. Huh? Who in their right mind would leave a hot, smart, sexy, arrogant millionaire like Gage for... for... well, for anyone really!

I thought the ending was rushed, but that seems to be a recurring problem in most books I read. Maybe it’s me and not the stories. In any case, I would have liked a more drawn out relationship between Gage and Liberty. Sure, they had tons of hot sex (the limo ride *wink*) but I felt there could have been a lot more to their relationship and how/when they fell in love. Especially as Liberty was still dating/kissing Hardy even while she was dating/sleeping with Gage. Lucky tramp!

Anywho, I find myself not liking Hardy very much now and he’s the hero in the sequel, Blue-Eyed Devil. He’s a petty traitor; I can’t seem to muster up much sympathy for him contrary to this unhinged Amazonian who would apparently choose him over Gage. Go figure; some people are truly weird.

Days later I am still thinking about this dratted book and I just want to find the heroine and shake her! What was she thinking?? She chose the wrong guy!!!

Right up until the last page I kept hoping something would happen—that the WRONG guy would die, or she would break up with him. Yes, I know the OTHER guy committed a sort of industrial espionage, using an accidental, offhand comment the heroine made, but that sort of thing is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Compare that to the continuous, every day, totally-out-of-hand possessiveness of the WRONG guy. Who do you trust more? Who trusts you more?

The WRONG guy comes right out and says, “Trust, but verify.” That sort of behavior doesn’t go away once you tie the knot—it just gets worse. That kind of man can all too easily turn into the guy that doesn’t let his wife out of the house without an inquisition afterward, makes her account for every mile on the car’s trip-meter, every phone call, every letter, every glance at any male over the age of 16. He’s practically stalking her before they even get married! (VT: OMG LOL, this woman is off-the-rocker!)

I wish I could either rewrite the ending, or wipe this book from my memory. And I DON’T think it should count as romance. Sure she gets the guy in the end, but it’s the WRONG GUY!!! AARRRRGGGHHH!!!!


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Blogger Marg said...

Wait until you read Blue Eyed Devil before you give up on what's his name for good!


5/23/2008 07:03:00 PM  

Blogger Midas said...

Wasn't VT just complaining about Blue Eyed? LOL. At least you get into your books big time VT

5/24/2008 12:09:00 PM  

Blogger said...

Weird about the epilogue. Maybe it was a printing glitch?

"Who in their right mind would leave a hot, smart, sexy, arrogant millionaire like Gage for..."

Another hot, smart, sexy arrogant millionaire? ;)

That was one of the things I didn't like so much -- not the triangle part, which I quite liked, as much as I like any love triangle. Even with the dithering, I liked that Liberty (I think the name might be a southern thing?) was honest about her confusion with both Gage and Hardy.

BUT. I really disliked the way Kleypas wrote Hardy at the end. It makes Liberty's choice a non-decision; it takes away the consequences and meaning of her decision because instead of having 2 good choices, there is one good one and one bad one -- that's what drives me nuts about triangles in general*; it makes the one in the middle look stupid for not seeing what's so obviously the right choice, and then all the back-and-forth-ness becomes contrived.

*Except for certain OT3s, which don't count.

5/28/2008 07:08:00 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've got to read Blue-Eyed Devil. One of my favorite books ever. That Hardy... he totally redeems himself. I love him. I want him. He's mine.

6/15/2008 11:32:00 PM