Tuesday, December 20, 2005

In favor of a sensitive man

“I love you: those three words have my life in them.”
- Alexandrea to Nicholas III

They say it’s usually women who feel this kind of consuming passion. Very rarely do we encounter a man who wants or needs a certain woman so badly, with every fiber of his entire being, so absolute is his yearning for her love, only her love will do—you’ll ACHE with him.

This kind of man will protect the woman he loves from all harm, and would never hurt her as she is the world to him. He would definitely not treat her like cow dung or manhandle her like some fuckers out there, who incidentally should die a horrible death, perhaps melt in a huge pot of boiling oil. We all want this yummy bad boy with all his flaws; we know he will never completely change, but he’s a better person because of love. He doesn’t follow rules, he BENDS them for the woman he loves, and only for her.

Here are some heroes who make me wish I was the object of their undying devotion and every desire. They are the ones who love their heroines to the depth of their souls, and that, my bitches, makes them, ohhh... absolutely, compellingly glorious.

Matt Farrell
Paradise by Judith McNaught

The perfect man. *sigh* Matt is MY man; a fine example of that rare breed of intelligent, sexy, fun, rich, charming, supportive, drool-worthy men who, just because of the tenacious way he fought to have Meredith Bancroft’s love, there’s no doubt he’ll be forever faithful to her (lucky bitch). He won’t wake up one day and realize she’s gained some weight or that her boobs are uneven—or that she can’t cook/bake, is a plant-killer and probably hates animals? (Er, forgot we’re not talking about me! LOL)

Darius Santiago
Princess by Gaelen Foley

Tortured and angst-ridden, Darius is brutal, merciless and would sacrifice anything for Serafina de Fiore. He’s a man of no morals (hello, he’s a ruthless assassin!) but he is NOBLE in my book. His willingness to give up/risk everything, even die for her—ohhh, warms my slutty heart.

Calder Hart
“Deadly” series by Brenda Joyce

Oh. My. God. One of the most intense, dark, dirty and passionate heroes I’ve ever encountered. YUMMY. Calder is a dangerous man who’s emotionally dependent on Francesca Cahill—lord knows why, since she’s a stupid fool! But tell me, what’s sexier than a powerful guy who’s totally devoted to his heroine? Nothing.

Jack Seward
All Through the Night by Connie Brockway

Jack is a hard man (and yes, that pun was intended); he’s dark, lethal, and a cold-hearted bastard. But with Anne Wilder, he became aware of the need to love and be loved. His was a love of obsession bordering on masochism and madness, but he would cut his big dick off before he let any harm come to her way. Aw, isn’t true love grand?

Here’s a scene when Anne left, and Jack relentlessly looked for her—that’s after he betrayed his father and his boss FOR her:

He’d returned to his address and scoured the streets, asking vendors and shopkeepers, the street sweepers and the watchman, if they’d seen... None had. But then their eyes were earthbound and she, she flew.

His head throbbed and his vision grew bleary and still he kept looking.

Dear God, let her be safe. The prayer rose from the center of his soul, where his heart had always remained constant to itself. Please God. Please.

He heard the door open.

“Jack.” He swung around. Anne stood in the open door, staring at him with huge, fervent eyes and—blessed Lord. A tear. “Jack, you’re all right?” she whispered. “Yes.” His voice was hoarser than usual. Now I am.

*Sigh* Perfect.

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5 comment(s):

Blogger Tart said...

Oh, I'm a sucker for an alpha hero. But there's a fine line between alpha and arsehole, some authors can really create wonderful alpha heroes (Linda Howard etc) while others can't.

I will have to read the Deadly Series - that Calder sounds hot LOL.

12/20/2005 05:14:00 PM  

Blogger Gary Freedman said...

Love is a many-splendored thing, regardless of gender.

12/20/2005 05:36:00 PM  

Blogger Vicious Trollop said...

I think I could live without the ruthless assassin one :S You never know with men like that if you'll live to see another day, lol.

12/20/2005 07:42:00 PM  

Anonymous Ham said...

I've read all of said books above except "all through the night". Is it funny? very doubtful, cause I've never heard the author's name. though the title sounds very promising :-)

12/21/2005 08:03:00 AM  

Blogger Harlot said...

Tart, you have to try the Deadly books. :P Even just for dirty Calder. I promise, he is all of that, and MORE. :P

Ham, Connie Brockway is a terrific author. I think ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT is one of her best, if not her best book yet.

12/21/2005 06:38:00 PM