Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fashion trends I'm (re)loving

This fall I have happily rediscovered some fashion pieces and accessories I used to love years ago and find myself falling madly in love with them all over again. Falling in love again... *sigh* can be quite an experience. And in my case I don’t just mean the clothes and shoes. *wink*

Keds are back, baby! I loved them in elementary school. They were so comfy and went with everything, especially because I had them in like 500 colors LOL. It’s absolutely fantastic that the trend is back and I will be getting at least one classic white pair and another in black or some colorful funky design.

Black nail polish. Ohhh, I remember when Kelly Taylor started wearing her nails really short and painted black back when 90210 was still the show to watch and had the trends to follow. My mom had a fit when I started imitating her look and wouldn’t let me go anywhere with her unless I took it off. Those were the good old days LOL.

Well, the trend is back, and I am typing this post wearing a really funky navy blue nail polish by Opi called Russian Navy and I have to say it’s fabulous. The bottle looks like it has purple undertones but you can’t really see it once the color has coated your nails, just a nice shimmer in the right light. I absolutely love it and will be alternating from metallic purple, to satiny black, to shimmery navy blue all season.

Red lips. Never liked them. *sigh* I have red hair and freckles and look absolutely hideous with dark colors on my lips and yet I just bought a Ruby Red lip gloss/shimmer by HM. I dab my finger on the applicator and sort of pat it on my lips. The result is very nice. Not too much color but just enough of a red hint to make my lips look like they’ve just been kissed. I really like it.

The denim skirt rocks up straight into the 21st century. I’ve never liked the “classic” denim skirt. I don’t find it very flattering to most women to be honest. It’s dull and sort of hugs you in the wrong places but has no real shape in others. It’s utterly blah and I’ve stayed away from it for years. But this season denim is back with a vengeance and I love that the skirts come in different shapes and in new hipper styles. I bought a great Miss Sixty piece that hugs the hips and its sort of A lined and pleated (hard to explain but it looks great LOL).

Anyone else glad these styles are back?


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Blogger Vicious Trollop said...

I was going to post pics but something is wrong with blogger and it wont let me!

10/17/2007 01:01:00 PM  

Anonymous karamia said...

Damn blogger, I'd love to see your skirt.
I love short dark nails. Hate long fingernails, they remind me of claws. I have the Russian Navy color , too! Or it's Russian something....very dark, love it.
Here, not so much keds are back, but everyone has converse all stars, which I really never stopped wearing. love them!!
And I am in adoration of all the ballet flats and leggings.
And I love dark lipstick. When you find a good red, buy up the stock of it; I think it's hard for everyone to find a decent red to wear.

10/17/2007 01:23:00 PM  

Anonymous 2nd Amdt said...

I wore Vans before they were stylish; now that they are back, I think I'm too old for them. I'd probably look like some skate-boarder wanna-be, instead of the respectable attorney I play at being.

Nail polish - just never got in to wearing it; wears off my nails too quickly and I don't have time to be doing them every other day. (Besides my 6 y/o daughter would then want to paint her nails black, and the Mr. can't quite handle that yet.)

Denim and red lips? Usually not at the same time, but they work for me.

10/17/2007 01:48:00 PM  

Anonymous Crystal said...

I always thought denim skirts were cute, just not on me. I can't wear skirts. I was 'blessed' with short stubby legs. No matter what length I try I look like shit in a skirt.

You won't see me in red lipstick. And black nail polish I'll save for October 31st.

10/17/2007 02:10:00 PM  

Anonymous mikal said...

I love the dark nailpolish - the dark burgundy, navy blue, and black. I don't know why - I don't even wear that much makeup. And red lips are hot, but it doesn't look quite right on me. Boo.

10/18/2007 12:11:00 AM  

Anonymous Gabrielle said...

Keds and red lips.

Keds are so comfortable and oh so versatile =)

10/19/2007 02:18:00 AM  

Blogger Harlot and Trollop said...

My nails are funky black now!

So hard to get them just right. It's a real headache to be honest. Also, it took too many coats to look really dark which is what I wanted so I spend two days (LITERALLY) waiting for my nails to dry. Oyyyyyyy

10/20/2007 07:04:00 PM