Sunday, October 14, 2007

Nothing has changed

For the first time in forever I got to drive today. I felt really out of place in my big car (SUB) compared to the teeny tiny cars I’d gotten used to in Europe, but the minute I turned on the CD player I felt like I’d finally come home.

You see, I’ve had the same CDs inside the changer since I got the car. I know them by heart: “The Best of Bobby Darin,” “Duets I and II” and “The Best of Frank Sinatra.” “The Best of Guns N’ Roses,” “Forty Licks” I and II, two mixed CDs with 70s and 80s songs and a gangsta rap CD that I have no freaking clue how it got in there. The main reason I’ve never changed them is because I don’t have the slightest idea how to work that box thingy under the passenger seat. *confused* Anywho, I love them and they make me happy and if I want to listen to anything else I just use my iPod.

It seems that my sister, who’s been driving my car for the past year, doesn’t know how to change them either seeing as they’re still there. Funny thing is she hates my music so I wonder how she’s fared with my collection—plus the rap album which contains a lot of talk on killing hos, slapping cheating bitches and men with out-of-this-world big cocks LOL.


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Blogger Midas said...

OK, who's talking? VT or Harlot?

LOL. My other van was like that. I have no idea how to work the CD. After I got into a collision accident, honestly not my fault I was on the road at the same time as this moron who's gabbing on the phone, the CD popped out. Turned out it's the "aux" button I need to press to make it work.

10/14/2007 12:25:00 PM  

Anonymous carmen said...

at least you can listen to music in your car, that doesn't include the radio. my cd player has been broken for over a year know and i don't want to spend money on a new one.

10/14/2007 04:00:00 PM  

Anonymous Crystal said...

I've been a huge fan of GNR since I first heard them. Sure it's metal and all but Slash's guitar playing gives me goose bumps. Have you ever listened to Velvet Revolver? Slash, Duff and Matt are in the band.

10/14/2007 08:09:00 PM  

Anonymous karamia said...

I know how it feels to not know how to work a cd player. I just found that the one in my car will actually hold 6 disks. All this time I though 5 was the limit.
Like my husband always says- good thing I'm pretty:)

10/17/2007 01:11:00 PM