Monday, February 27, 2006

Bitchin' News (02/27)

  • Switzerland confirmed on Sunday its first case of avian flu in a duck found dead in the heart of Geneva, near the city’s famous jet d’eau fountain. -Bawdy has me scared silly with this bird flu thing, and now it’s getting closer!!! I’m going to have to become a Mormon. I mean, according to Bawdy, they’re the ones prepared to go into hidding for years and still not run out of food.
  • America’s 10 biggest busts of Olympics; Bode, Weir, Kwan just few of many U.S. disappointments in Turin. -I saw Bode’s last race on Saturday night, and the interview that followed it, and this guy has got to get his priorities straight. Partying is all good and fun, but honestly, did he have to do it for the whole two weeks non-stop? You’d think he’d never been allowed outside his house before these games. What bothers me the most is that he doesn’t realize that his responsibilities were not only to himself, but to his fans, and most importantly, to his country as well. This Olympic hottie has a lot of maturing to do, if he comes my way I’ll help him out. *wink*
  • The Apprentice is getting old. It’s about to start its fifth season—as American Idol just did—but unlike that show, its momentum has not been building. Sliding ratings and decreasing buzz showed no signs of improvement last fall. -This is one of the only shows I still watch, but have to admit it is getting a bit boring.
  • A former fifth-grade teacher accused of having sex with her 11-year-old student was ordered held on $100,000 bond Saturday. Schweikert was arrested Friday on two counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor after the boy’s mother accused the teacher of having sex with him at school at least twice, said Laurens Police Chief Robin Morse. -I have NEVER gotten this. Why on earth would any woman in her right mind want to have sex with a little boy? Can eleven-year-old boys even have sex?!? Honestly, how sick can you be!
  • Britain’s match against the United States for the men’s curling bronze medal was interrupted on Friday when a male streaker ran across the ice. With poultry for a loin cloth, the man vaulted the barriers and danced up and down the side of the ice sheet for several minutes before being bundled away by bemused rink attendants. -I lub streaker stories. Maybe I should become a professional streaker. Mmmm, something to ponder during class tomorrow...
  • A Colombian man has been sentenced to four years’ house arrest for slapping a woman’s bottom as he rode by her on his bicycle, sparking debate on whether the punishment fit the crime. -Around five years ago, while walking down a street a guy opened the door to his car to show me that he was wanking off. Euwww, sick perv. Anyway had I lived in Colombia this guy would probably be on Death Row now LOL. Honestly, this punishment seems a tad out of hand—don’t you guys think?


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Blogger Marlene D. Malone said...

Yeah the house arrest thing is a bit extreme. Honestly my thing is if you want to look at someone then fine but don't touch unless you're invited to do so.

2/27/2006 10:56:00 AM  

Blogger Aggie said...

He apparently whacked her hard enough for onlookers to turn around and notice!
My pet hate is guys who think they have a divine right to smack female rears.
How would they like it if we women went round smacking them in a certain place - oi just saying 'howdy' buddy! Whack!
What Officer? I hospitalized him?... No way - it was just a friendly little tap in the goolies.

Nup - Four years AOK.
They should have confiscated his bicycle as well - Ha!

2/28/2006 05:55:00 AM  

Anonymous Serendipity said...

You know, she could just have bought a package of sausage or weiner dogs and get done with it! Then she wouldn't be in this pickle!

3/03/2006 09:28:00 PM