Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hottest bachelors of 2007

First off, did you see why only my young master can ride me? *g* Now that you have, check out People’s Hottest Bachelors 2007 list. It started good: Matthew McConaughey (doesn’t do it for me, though I can understand, I suppose :/), Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Evans. But after that... er, I don’t know what kind of hash People’s staff has been smoking lately but things started to fall apart: Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Blake Lewis (huh?), Adrian Grenier and Apolo Ohno (gay?)? WTF?

Thank the good lord the list of the single versions of off-the-market studmuffins offers muchos tastier alternatives:

Lurve David Beckham? Why not go after Jensen Ackles instead? He’s no football god but just as supernaturally hot—and with better teeth even! Plus! There’s no anorexic android clinging all over him, yay! :D

Sure, Josh Duhamel is yummy, but I’m pretty sure he’s going senile or blind—or both. (Why else would he be with Fergie? :/) Chris Evans is equally gorgeous, with a delicious bod in, er, a non-Fergilicious way. :P

Piercing blue eyes? Check. Washboard abs? Check. But there’s one thing that Channing Tatum doesn’t have in common with Brad Pitt: he has no Angelina Jolie! Learn from Jennifer Aniston, you can’t compete with that bitch.

So, whatcha think? Got any other hot bachelors in mind you want to introduce to me? *g*


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24 comment(s):

Blogger Lollie Rose said...

I like the alternatives list better. Hey, isn't Gerard Butler single? How come he isn't there? He's not in the Most Beautiful People's list as well. Don't tell me he is not popular because a) he is a good actor b) he just had one of the most successful movies lately and c) he is gorgeous!!!

6/14/2007 11:24:00 AM  

Blogger Isabella said...

Anorexic android LOL. Actually I like Victoria's new haircut.

I think Jensen Ackles is very hot. And Channing Tatum OMG... I agree about Gerry. Also Taylor Kitsch. He should have been included in that list.

6/14/2007 01:40:00 PM  

Blogger Petra said...

I can't believe they included those Dancing With the Stars boys. Not the least bit hot.

I don't know why I love these guys that are waaaaay younger than me. LOL! I love Jake!

6/14/2007 02:12:00 PM  

Blogger Duvy said...

In the words of my wise and wonderful godmother, well butter my butt and call me a biscuit. Those guys are incredibly yummy looking. I honestly have no idea who Kenny Chesney is, but I would so jump him. >.>

6/14/2007 03:36:00 PM  

Blogger Jordis Juice said...

Duvy, Kenny Chesney is Renee Zelweger's ex hubby! He's a country-singer-sex-symbol like Keith Urban. ;)

Now, I would so jump Josh Duhamel. But I'm afraid Fergie will kill me. She's scary. LOL

Channing Tatum is ridiculously hot!

6/14/2007 09:11:00 PM  

Blogger Lollie Rose said...

What about Wentworth Miller? Is he not still a bachelor? And I don't think he's dating anybody!

6/14/2007 09:18:00 PM  

Blogger Jordis Juice said...

Yes, please, Wentworth!

6/14/2007 09:28:00 PM  

Blogger Rachel said...

Apolo Ohno is so gay! Matthew and Jake are hot, and I can't wait to see Josh Duhamel in Transformer.

6/14/2007 10:20:00 PM  

Blogger Menchie said...

Oh God, hands down, Gerard Butler is the hottest bachelor for me.

I think he is in People's list, I read somewhere on the net.

6/14/2007 10:35:00 PM  

Anonymous malicious strumpet said...

I think I'm the only straight female in the world who doesn't get the appeal of Channing Tatum. Has anyone else noticed that his neck is ridiculously thick? Oh well. He's got a cool name, though!

I'd cast my vote for Wentworth Miller as well. Luuuuurve him!


6/14/2007 11:02:00 PM  

Blogger Danielle De Barbarac said...

People never get it right. More often than not, they have the wrong names on their list. Although I have to say, I'm loving that Matthew pic. I like surfer dudes. LOL

6/14/2007 11:04:00 PM  

Blogger Danielle De Barbarac said...

Malicious Strumpet, I didn't like Channing Tatum until I see Step Up. Yum! :) And I want to see more of Gerard Butler!

6/14/2007 11:07:00 PM  

Blogger Jolie said...

JC, why do People always put Matthew on their cover? There are a lot of younger actors out there, better actors, hotter actors(!) they could choose from and they would still put Matthew on!

6/15/2007 12:36:00 AM  

Blogger Menchie said...

I agree with you -- he's got a good build but there are a lot of hotter guys (Gerard! Gerard! Gerard!).

I don't get Matthew's appeal -- and what was his last movie anyway????

6/15/2007 02:19:00 AM  

Anonymous Gabrielle said...

Everyone who said Wentworth, I completely agree. He is so hot. Can't wait for Season 3 of Prison break!

I think Steven Strait is very very very hot. Anyone seen the Covenant? Not the greatest movie but it seemed that every single guy was great looking. Especially Steven *sigh*.

Malicious Strumpet, I agree. I used to like Channing Tatum. But then I saw Step Up and wasnt impressed (Sorry Danielle!! lol) . He's still hot in She's the Man though. No one can beat Brad :D

6/15/2007 02:39:00 AM  

Blogger Jolie said...

Menchie, I completely agree: Gerard, Gerard, Gerard!

Gabrielle, I saw She's the Man (I should be embarrassed I love movies for teenagers LOL) and thought Channing Tatum was hot! I have yet to see his other movies. And no one can beat Brad. ;)

6/15/2007 03:02:00 AM  

Blogger Aggie said...

I like Gerard ... but Matthew Mc ... nah, no way. Don't get it at all. Rest don't do it for me.

6/15/2007 03:46:00 AM  

Anonymous Luci said...

Matthew Mc.... does absolutely nothing for me.

Now Gerard Butler - that is a different matter.

And RJ obviously - my new number one guy lol.

Jake is cute too.

6/15/2007 04:45:00 AM  

Blogger December/Stacia said...

Matthew has never done a thing for me, either. I've never understood it. He's attractive, but he doesn't ring my bells.

6/15/2007 07:10:00 AM  

Anonymous Ollenska said...

Jensen Ackles is gorgeous! And I vote for Wentworth and Gerry!

Gabrielle, I loved The Covenant. I know it isn't a good movie but did you see the guys? Aside from Steven, there's Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights), Kyle Schmid (Henry Fitzroy on Blood Ties), the guy who plays Reid and that guy who plays Tyler OH MY GOD! Too many boytoys! lol


6/15/2007 09:01:00 AM  

Blogger said...

No idea who most of those people are, but I do think my love for Dean Winchester has started to bleed over to Jensen Ackles. He even looks good when the show can't afford lights. Just look at the eyelashes and Bambie eyes...

Friday Night Lights is awesome! (And not just because of all the pretty ;) .)

6/15/2007 10:20:00 AM  

Blogger Vanessa said...

Channing Tatum? Nahh. I luuuuurv Chris Evans. He has a great body and he has this boy next door charm I find very irresistible. That's an ugly picture of him, though!

6/15/2007 06:44:00 PM  

Blogger Vanessa said...

Oh BTW, speaking of Brad Pitt, anyone seen Ocean's 13? I loved it! It's *much* better than the 2nd movie!

Dance, great pics!

6/15/2007 06:47:00 PM  

Blogger Jordis Juice said...

If you ladies don't like Channing, I would gladly take him away. He is all mine! :P

The boys of Friday Night Lights are all very pretty, all lovely...sigh...

6/16/2007 08:30:00 AM