Sunday, July 6, 2008

Duke of Shadows, where are you?

I’ve been looking for an ebook copy of The Duke of Shadows by Meredith Duran for the last two days and can’t find one. *sniff* It seems that none of the online stores I use have it.

Someone at Dear Author added an ebook link to the S&S website but it takes you nowhere (after clicking a gazillion links, that is *grrr*).

No idea why I’m so obsessed with getting this book. It might be because somehow the plot reminds me of Paradise by Judith McNaught which is my favorite romance ever.

Also, I haven’t read a single book since I finished that stupid Robin Schone book. Gad, what a horror to read that book was. ACKKKKKKKKKKKK!

As an added bonus I’ll link a very bad video I made of the book LOL. Er, and when I say very bad I mean exactly that.

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Blogger Midas said...

Why didn't you say anything to me. I had my copy posted as free book here.

7/06/2008 05:04:00 PM  

Blogger Shoshana said...


This is great! I love this video of Schone's book. LOL.

7/06/2008 05:07:00 PM  

Blogger Vicious Trollop said...

Hey shosh! :)

I actually found out about the book from you! :) Your post at fabb has had me curious for weeks.

I hope someone knows an ebook site that sells it :( If not I'll order the paperback from amazon, but I'd rather just load it into my ebook reader. A lot more practical, cheaper and less embarrassing seeing as the cover has a half naked dude with long hair on it LOL

7/06/2008 11:15:00 PM  

Blogger Amal said...

Is that your voice on Youtube? You really have a great voice, I don't know why, but I thought you'd be a lot more high-pitched. I did enjoy your diagrams, made the plot easier to follow. Though, on some sick and twisted level I did enjoy Outlander, not so much the romance as the history, I think I'll stay far, far away from this book. Thanks for the warning.

- Amal

7/07/2008 02:20:00 AM  

Blogger said...

Eloisa James' latest, Duchess by Night, was recently released. I liked it a lot. Cross-dressing! Gender confusion! Adults behaving more or less rationally! Believable love story! It's probably also one of the more coherent plots from start to finish of James' books.

7/08/2008 03:10:00 PM  

Blogger Alice said...

Paradise is definitely my favorite too!! I'll read anything that reminds me of Paradise, though I'm sure it'll never beat it.

7/08/2008 05:25:00 PM  

Blogger Alice said...

Trollop, I hope you're still alive! :)

9/16/2008 10:18:00 PM