Tuesday, January 20, 2009

At the Bride Hunt Ball by Olivia Parker

I’m not even sure why I’m writing about this book; you all know I only write about books I either HATE or LOVE.

Though I can’t say I loved this book I was rather entertained by it. It’s wonderfully light-hearted and uncomplicated. No ridiculous plots or schemes. No stupid misunderstandings. For some reason it reminded me of Julia Quinn’s earlier writing style; a lot of funny moments, witty dialogue and pleasant characters, simple plot, sexy encounters, and tons of “coincidental” meetings between the H/H.

I found myself grinning during some scenes and laughing during others. It’s almost like an episode of the Bachelor adapted to the Regency period. I can honestly say I found the simplicity of this novel refreshing.

If you have an afternoon off one of these weekends curl up and read this book. Don’t expect a masterpiece but enjoy it for what it is: a fun regency frolic with delightful characters and an embarrassing cover LOL.

To Snare a Bride...

To Gabriel Devine, Duke of Wolverest, the bonds of marriage are nothing more than shackles. But if he’s to remain a lifelong bachelor, that leaves only his younger brother to carry on the family name. Inviting the ton’s most eligible ladies to an elegant ball, Gabriel is certain any one of them would be all too eager to become the next duchess and provide an heir—leaving Gabriel to continue his ecstatic pursuit of pleasure.

To Catch a Rogue...

Her social-climbing stepmother would give anything to have Madelyn Haywood betrothed to a future duke. But Madelyn believes the brothers Devine to be nothing more than heartless rogues—especially Gabriel, whose rakish reputation precedes him. He is nothing more than a slave to passion, and she will not be conquered by his caresses —and yet his wicked ways tempt her so...

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Anonymous Gabrielle said...

I read this and I would like to say thank you for the recomendation!
It was a cute, light read and I really did enjoy the fact that there weren't any major misunderstandings.
I was surprised that Olivia Parker hasn't written anything else..
I read it as an ebook so I didn't have to deal with the cover =D

1/28/2009 02:32:00 AM  

Anonymous Strap Ons said...

This is a nice story, I'm done reading it.

I really love Julia Quinn's novels/stories too :)

6/05/2010 07:12:00 PM  

Anonymous Robert said...

Hi, really nice story. Well done. It was pleasure to read it. Many thanks

11/28/2017 10:19:00 AM