Friday, January 16, 2009

On Regency characters that act as furnaces

I’m very confused. Why is it that, in historicals—though the heroine wears gloves and the hero wears 10 layers of clothing—whenever the heroine touches him she can “feel” his heat? These people have thick barriers between their actual skins. Are these men all suffering from fevers, do you suppose?

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Blogger said...

Perhaps all those layers conduct/cause heat?

1/16/2009 06:25:00 PM  

Anonymous Gabrielle said...

I would agree with dance's logic. And remember, the heroes are always so intensely masculine and sexual that they are constantly exuding a powerful aura of sexual magnetism. This could be mistaken for warmth lol

1/17/2009 03:18:00 AM  

Blogger Aradia said...

I’m with Gabrielle. Those heroes are supposed to ooze so much hotness that any female in a 20 yard radius around will burn! lol

1/19/2009 03:16:00 AM  

Blogger Vicious Trollop said...

I just don't get why they have to feel the heat at all. We get they're alive you know LOL

1/19/2009 09:32:00 AM  

Anonymous Sheila said...

I think it's the whole idea of the "forbidden" under constrictive etiquette rules. To touch the wrist between the glove and sleeve, or to see the "shapely" ankle...that was risque. Maybe it's a combination of the heat of the male and the flush the female gets knowing she is doing something illicit and exciting.

Personally, I think my husband is pretty hot and when he puts his hand at the small of my back, I can feel my whole back from neck to butt warm up. Plus, the back of his knees are really good at warming my cold toes up at night.

1/19/2009 06:30:00 PM