Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Update on Crazy Diet and small rant on sizes

Yeah, I’m not doing that pepper and lemon fast. The body odor/nasty breath thing scared me away. I’d rather be fat and clean LOL.

I’m taking Sibutramine-based diet pills (please, spare me the “that’s so bad for you” comments; I’ve been taking them for years). These pills are AMAZING. Bad thing is my body is kinda used to them now so the effect isn’t the same as it was years ago. Trying to smuggle some out of the country for Harlot. *g*

If you had to wear this bridesmaid’s dress for a wedding you wouldn’t want to look like a pig in a frock either!

And can I just rant a second about this Jim Hjelm person. I’m a street size 8 (hoping to end in a 6 after lipo swelling goes down—3 more months to go, woohoo!). I measured myself before ordering and I’m a 14 in this brand!!! WTF? This is the type of thing that contributes to eating disorders. How on earth do they manage to make a healthy size 8 into a plus size 14? Granted, I’ll have to get the dress taken in on top because it is too big, but my thighs fit it perfectly. The same thing happened to the other girls which are STICKS; they’re all street sizes 2-4 and had to buy 8-10. Yeah, you can tell by this that I’ll be the dreaded “fat bridesmaid.” *sob*

Here’s to a thinner me for Xmas!


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4 comment(s):

Blogger Pepper said...

Trollop! I feel your pain! I am getting married next month in a simple black Bill Levkoff dress. I wear a size 10 typically, but had to order a 14. I swear, I cried for days after ordering the damn thing!

12/04/2008 11:40:00 AM  

Anonymous Shoshana said...

VT, is that a real bridesmaid dress? Wow!

I'm a size 10-12 now. I'm really hoping that if I ran fast and far enough, I'll go down to 6-8 where my nice old jeans are.

I would take diet pills, but I'll probably be one of who take it and balloons. So, I'm staying put for now. Good luck with your bridesmaidhood. My cousin did a cabbage soup diet three weeks before her wedding and lost 4 dress sizes.

12/06/2008 09:14:00 AM  

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Blogger Vicious Trollop said...

Yes, Shosh, that's the actual dress I'll be wearing. It's very pretty, but it looks better on the thin-hipless BSs :(

12/29/2008 08:20:00 AM