Friday, June 22, 2007

The 305

Crimminy jimsus. Will the 300 parodies never end? :/ They’re as many as the 12-inch (of course I know how big it is :P) Leonidas dollies I have yelling “This is SPARTAAAAAA!”

I gotta admit though, some of these parodies are verra amusing. Here’s a mocumentary detailing the five *almost* brave Spartans charged with guarding a goat path. The Office meets 300... *g*


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Blogger Mailyn said...

Haven't seen this movie but I say sorry about the copycats. I know exactly how you feel. I've had my graphics copied by idiots or worse, changed around a bit and then claiming as their own. Needless to say I hunt them down and give them a piece of my mine. Then I make their lives miserable. LOL.

I say call them out in your blog. That's what I used to do and my friends would go over to their site and complain as well. It always works.

P.S. I never did find Daniel Craig sexy, or even good looking. But I'm weird like that. LOL.

6/22/2007 11:25:00 AM  

Blogger Petra said...

OMG. That was brilliant! I like The Office and combine with 300, hilarious.

The things you can do with a carrot. LOL

6/22/2007 12:08:00 PM  

Blogger The Sarah said...

Aaah, that's just awesome!

"Am I fast? You can say that..."

"I have a sharpend carrot!"


6/22/2007 05:09:00 PM  

Blogger Jordis Juice said...

I love the boss guy! And the blind dude! I think this is the best parody of 300 I've seen so far. LOL!

6/22/2007 08:35:00 PM  

Blogger Isabella said...

How funny! Is it just me or that youngest Spartan really is cute? :P

6/22/2007 08:55:00 PM  

Anonymous Kirstin said...

The guy who was supposed to be Dwight did a really good impression. Thanks for sharing Harlot, I never laughed like that for a long time. :)

6/22/2007 09:37:00 PM  

Blogger Rachel said...

That was amazing! They did a great job. The one on the plane was pretty stupid compare to this.

6/23/2007 12:01:00 AM  

Blogger Lorelei said...

Harlot, you have Leonidas dolls? lol

I loved the mocumetary! The guy who played the leader and the one impersonating Dwight were hilarious!

6/23/2007 12:48:00 AM  

Blogger Harlot said...

Mailyn, LOL. You have wonderful designs. Love your current one actually. ;) You know, Trollop and i are no blog experts. But we do work hard for this blog. It's terribly frustrating and maddening that someone would just copy our stuff.

Lorelei, those dollies all came from Trollop, that perv! Dunno why she has so many little Leonidas. Wonder what she does with them hmmm... :/

6/23/2007 06:21:00 AM  

Blogger Lollie Rose said...

That was funny! "Am I fast? You can say that..." The Darryl guy was really funny. And he got slapped really hard too. LOL!

6/23/2007 11:17:00 AM  

Blogger Mailyn said...

Thanks Harlot! ^__^

6/23/2007 09:03:00 PM  

Blogger Aggie said...

Oh that was funny ... the leader guy had real boobies! LMAO.

6/23/2007 09:29:00 PM  

Blogger Lily Moon said...

I saw this the other day and laughed my butt off. Good stuff.

6/23/2007 11:44:00 PM